Monday, July 12, 2010

Accidental Hiatus

I did not intend on taking a small hiatus but I guess that is what it turned into.  I am at a loss for words lately.  I just don't really have much to share nor do I have the drive to blog.  Sad, I know! 

I will apologize right now for the randomness of this post.
  • Hubs and I were on a cleaning binge last week.  We have come to the conclusion that we have WAY too much clothing and should probably start sorting it out.  Sadly, it is not just clothing that we have way too much of either.  How the heck do two people acquire so much stuff?!? I seriously feel like I should be on hoarders.  Okay, my house is not that bad but if we don't do something about it I feel like it will become bad news bears.
  • My rotten stinky dog, Rooney {surprise, surprise}, now enjoys taking naps in my flower beds.  Hubs discovered him outside the other day sound asleep in the middle of my hostas.  He was sound asleep with his tongue sticking out.  Good thing I pulled all the poison ivy out of that flower bed the other day.  Sometimes having your house in what used to be a heavily wooded area has its downfalls.
  • My dogs freak out at change.  The other night I set a necklace box on the ledge of the window and Rooney decided that he didn't like the fact that things were out of place.  He growled and barked at it for at least 10 minutes before I got out of bed to show him that it wasn't going to hurt him.  Are other breeds as neurotic?!?
  • What the heck does improving Muslim relations have to do with NASA?!? Not to get all political on you all but seriously! 
  • I am glad that Lindsay Lohan is going to jail.  I am sick of celebrities thinking that they are above the law.  
  • Jake and Vienna are both fame whores who need to just leave Hollywood.  So sick of the "he said, she said" BS.
  • I really wish my dogs could talk.  I would love to know what was going through their mind.
  • Why is it that the nights you are extremely exhausted are the nights you can't sleep?!?
Okay, enough rambling for this girl! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

One day down, four more to go until the weekend! :-)

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Jenny.Lee said...

I seriously loved this post! I can totally see Rooney in that flower bed AND I have no idea with the NASA's ridiculous!

Ams said...

You crack me up!! And I have been missing you...
I think Bullies are just CRRRRRAZY!!! Wilson is the same way and does some really really strange things... very often!!
Don't stay away too long next time lovely lady!!

Kassie said...

Too funny! And I had no idea about the NASA thing...what?!