Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trouble with a Capital "T"

........or with a capital "R".  DEEP, DEEP, DEEP TROUBLE!!!! {dun, dun, DUNNNNN}

This is what I came home to yesterday:
Rooney decided to remodel the wall.  Not sure I agree with his vision.  Maybe he doesn't like the wall color.  Who knows!?  Thank God Hubs is now a pro at fixing dry wall!
Apparently he has it out for my brand new shag rug.  If he doesn't stop chewing up my rug I am going to use him as my next rug!
Oh and he must really hate rugs with a passion! Not only did he chew on the rug but he also destroyed the skid stopper underneath. Classic Rooney, classic!

Soooooooo, in light of the events from yesterday my little demon child chewer will be losing his freedom and spending his days in this until further notice: 
Kiss your freedom good bye Stinks!
Rooney's new "crib" where he will be spending his time while we are at work.  The second I pulled that crate out Rooney ran and hid.  Pretty sure he knew what was coming.

I'm sorry Mama! I won't do it again! I PROMISE! Please don't put me in jail!

HALLELUJAH!!!! The little brat won't be pestering me while I sleep during the day! Put him in jail and throw away the key! Now I have the couch all to myself! I am living the good life!

Just another day in the world of owning bulldogs!  No matter how mad I get at Rooney I can never stay mad at him for long.  :-)

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

I have two boxers..the youngest, Shelby used to chew my walls,the carpet, shoes, anything and everything. Now that I am a SAHM, she never ever chews when I leave her for the day. I seriously think they get mad at you for going to work!

THE Stephanie said...

UGH! That's horrible!

We put our pup in the crate one day, and later that afternoon, my hubs sent me a picture of a broken crate. Yeah, of sweet little puppy was not so happy about being crated, so she busted out!

A Real Housewife said...

oh your dogs are too stinking cute to get mad at!!! when my dogs do something bad, i always tell them they're getting spankings...and they never do. spoiled brats.

Ms. Wedding Crasher said...

Aw your dogs are sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

Marian said...

Its always the cute ones that are causing the most trouble:)

Ams said...

I don't think I could EVER let Wilson out in the house for ANY amount of time... he is SUCH a delinquent. Seriously!! But those faces are SO cute and I agree... Wilson drives me up a wall sometimes but there is no way I could stay mad for long!

Jenny.Lee said...

Ouch he's quite the designer! We have to put Winston in the bathroom nowadays to keep him out of stuff! I hate it but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

Brittney said...

oh goodness! My dog was in TROUBLE yesterday too!

He chewed THROUGH the power cord of my laptop last night! Thankfully he didn't shock himself, but ugh!

Jamie said...

Oh, Rooney. My best friend has a Shar Pei with anxiety issues and he loves to chew. Before she moved into her new apt she had what we deemed a "growth chart" of bite marks up one of her walls.