Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Out with the old and in with the new!

Adios, Auf Wiedersehen, Au Revoir, Arrivederci, and Farewell!
So long TaylorMade Burner Utility Club! You have sat in my bag for over a year and I never really could hit you very well {I am sure most of it was operator error but confidence is everything in golf people}.  So, with my best interests in mind, I decided that it was time for us to part ways!  I hope that you find a new owner who loves you and hits you long and straight.  I am sure there is someone out there who will like your 19-degree club face.

With that being said, please welcome.......

My new favoritist club in my bag {besides my driver because, not toot my own horn, but I can knock the crap out of the ball with that club}.......the Cobra Baffler Rail H.  I know, it looks a lot like the Burner but it is sooooo different......23 degree club face is one of the biggest differences.  So let me tell ya about my best friend {now that song is stuck in my}.  This club and I compliment each other perfectly!  For the first time ever I can actually hit a utility club** and the ball doesn't just dribble 20 feet ahead of me.  The first time I pulled you out of my bag I was skeptical but you proved me wrong*.  That first shot soared through the air!  So, welcome and make yourself right at home in my golf bag!  Like I said......confidence in a club is everything.....if you hate the club, you won't be able to hit it worth a hoot.

I know, it is sad that I get so excited about a new golf club but I am addicted to the darn sport.  Hubs and I have been playing almost every single weekend this summer.  I definitely am so thankful that my dad insisted that I learn how to play golf when I was little.  It is a sport that I can play the rest of my life.  And a lot of business deals are done on the golf course! And the best part?! It is something that Hubs and I can enjoy together! :-)

* - Hubs would be mad if I didn't include this- when shopping for a new utility club the employee at the store picked out a Ping G-15 for me to try but Hubs insisted that I also try the Cobra Baffler Rail H.  I agreed to test out the Baffler just to appease Hubs.  Who knew that it would be the club that I would pick and love! So, good job Hubs! lol

** - A utility club (also called a hybrid club) is a club that combines elements of a fairway wood and an iron.  Utility clubs are designed to replace a golfers long irons (typically 2, 3, 4-iron depending on the club face degree of the utility club).  People tend to say that the utility club is easier to hit than their long irons and their fairway woods.  These clubs also offer more forgiveness than a typical fairway wood or iron does.  Since I HATE my 4-iron, don't own a 3-iron, and I can't hit a fairway wood this club is perfect for me. 

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

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Tiffany said...

This is too funny! 1. Your hubs sounds just like mine and 2. You totally know at first swing whether you are going to like it or not. I have a secret love affair with my driver, too. :)