Friday, April 30, 2010

Pathetic Doggie Momma Over Here

Yep, you read the title to this post correctly- I am a pathetic doggie momma! Read on and you will see why!  lol

My little guy, Buerly, turns 4 years old tomorrow.  I cannot believe that he is already four, it seems like just yesterday we drove several hours to go get the little booger! So with that said, let the birthday festivities begin!
Buerly with one of his 'babies' right before Christmas.  He used to never go to bed without his baby.  He would chew on the baby's foot and kneed it with his paws until he fell asleep.  It was the sweetest thing!

Today I dropped Buerly and Rooney off at Barkefellers for groom and play (you can read here about their first groom and play experience at doggie daycare).  They were so unbelievably excited.  As I turned onto the main street that runs in front of the facility Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were jumping around in the back seat whining because they were ready to get out of the car.  As I was lifting Rooney out of the car Buerly decided that he was tired of waiting so he jumped out of our SUV which he NEVER does!  Hopefully they will have lots of fun today playing in the pools and getting pampered.

At lunch I am running to 3 Dog Bakery to pick up a personalized cake for Mr. Buerly as well as a few treats and toys.  He won't get any of this until tomorrow on his actual birthday. And of course I will pick up a little something for Rooney so that he doesn't get too jealous of his big brother. 
Cakes at 3 Dog Bakery taken by Megan Bryant Photography
Those cakes look good enough to eat!

Hopefully tomorrow the weather will be nice outside so that I can give Buerly his cake outside on the deck.  If you have ever seen my dogs, especially Rooney, eat you will know exactly why I don't want to give them this cake in the house.  Plus if we are outside our neighbor's dog, Mac, will get to come join in.

Yes, I am having a 'birthday party' for my dog.  Don't you judge me! :-D 

Hmmmmmm.......maybe I will pick up some birthday hats too! That would make for a great photo-op!

Since the boys will be completely worn out from groom and play, Hubs and I are going with another couple to Tastings tonight.  The concept of this wine bar/bistro is so intriguing.  Read here for a better description of how it works.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I will be sure to post pictures of Buerly's birthday and our double date.

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Kathryn said...

No judging here. I feel like I could've written this exact same post. :-) Happy Birthday, Buerly!

Jenny.Lee said...

I love that you are just as obsessed with your puppies as I am with mine!

Ams said...

Okay, you MUST tell me more about this groom and play business!! I think Wilson would love that. Of course we don't have that option here where I live... but I still want to hear about it.
Andddddd I am pretty sure I will be having a party for Wilson when he turns one... I already have plans for party hats and puppy cakes so don't you worry! You're NOT pathetic. We just love our bullies :) (We're a special sort us Bulldog owners)

Mrs. Bear said...

I think I want to eat those cakes... and get a puppy. Happy birthday Buerly!

Lynsey and Brian said...

Adorable cake! No judging for me. I am obsessed with our dogs too! My little one turns 4 this year... time flies!

Lindsey said...

You are not pathetic! These pictures are just too adorable for words!

Anonymous said...

I just loved reading this, way to cute, and my family thinks i've lost it. lol I would love to find a place like that to bring my dogs to.