Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drawing a Blank

I really don't have one thing that I want to talk about today so I figured I would just post my random thoughts.  I tend to have lots of those! lol
  • I have had a dull ache/pain in my foot for days now.  It hurts anytime I walk on it so I decided for hoots that I would look it up on WedMD this morning.  My WebMD Diagnosis: broken (fractured) foot, sciatica, peripheral neuropathy, metatarsalgia, corns/calluses, osteomyelitis, stress fracture, poorly fitting shoes, lumbar spinal stenosis, multiple sclerosis, thoracic spinal stenosis, or shingles.  But for the first time ever WebMD didn't tell me I had cancer.  Amazing!  I am guessing that I tweaked something in my foot and in a week or so it will be fine.  Good ol' WebMD, always good for a health scare! lol 
  • I love Panera's new Jalapeno Cheddar bagels.  YUM!
  • Jake Pavelka (from the Bachelor and now DWTS) annoys the crap out of me.  He just comes off as being extremely cheesy and fake.  Maybe him and Vienna deserve each other.
  • The Hills made their final season debut last night.  I haven't watched it yet but am sadly excited to see what scripted drama unfolds.  Gotta love guilty pleasures!
  • Speaking of guilty pleasures....I am also excited for the return of Jersey Shore.  GTL! haha
  • I am so angry with our legal system (I know, what's new?!).  A guy that I used to work with at my prior job was also part of a charity group and served as treasurer.  This guy was a skeez ball.  Well, the idiot embezzled close to $400k from the charity.  He blew all of the money on his 'gambling addiction' in Vegas and on online gambling sights.  The jackoff was only sentenced to 3 years in prison but will get out in 2 years for good behavior.  THREE FREAKING YEARS!!! That's it?!? Oh it is a sad, sad day in our country's legal system.  A person who steals a junk car potentially will get 5-10 years but a guy who steals close to $400,000 from a charity only gets 3 years.  Where is the justice in that?!?  My only comfort is that he is a major pretty boy and will probably become someones b*tch in prison. I know, so mean of me to say.
  • Is it Friday yet?!?  This week seems to be dragging!
  • I don't know if others are having this problem but in the Midwest the weather clears off and is nice all week and then turns stormy and crappy out for the weekend.  What the eff?!
  • Buerly's birthday is on Saturday.  Buerly and Rooney are going back to Barkefellers for groom and play on Friday.  During my lunch break on Friday I am picking up a birthday cake for Buerly from 3 Dog Bakery.  Oh and I invited our neighbors dog over for cake on Saturday.  It will be like a little birthday party.  Obviously we treat our dogs like they are our kids.  
  • I cannot wait for BW3's tonight- beers and wings! Mmmmmmm!!
Hope you all have a great Wednesday! :-D

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Mrs. Bear said...

That loser was only sentenced to three years?? THAT IS NOT FAIR!

Jenny.Lee said...

3 years!?!?! OMG.

Jake annoyed me too... lol

Marian said...

Gosh, I'm the same way...I webMD everything.

And I can't wait for Jersey Shore either!!

Kat said...

cant. stand. jake.

After that whole "dancing with his pants off thing" I needed him to go home. ughhhh

Hilary Lane said...

I liked Jake at first, but I think he's a people pleaser and it irritated me when he thanked his dance partner for being nice to Vienna, while crying.

We had a girl here, who was drunk, hit & killed a 15 year old pedestrian and fled the scene. And a guy who was drunk, ran a red light and killed two young girls, but stayed on the scene. The woman got 4 years, the guy got 21 because they could prove he was drunk, but they couldn't prove the woman was. So basically, if you're drunk and you get into an accident, you should flee the scene so you do less time. Doesn't make any sense!