Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Household Responsibilities

Haha! Don't we all wish!!!!! 
Back in high school I had this male math teacher that would always crack jokes in the middle of class.  His jokes tended to be along the lines of 'Get back in the kitchen' or 'Go make me a sandwich' jokes directed towards females.  All three senior female volleyball players (me included) had his class together.  None of us found his jokes very amusing.  One of my teammates would get SOOOO angry at these jokes! 

Now before people start a witch hunt against this teacher for his sexist jokes- I really don't think he truly felt that way towards women at all.  He wasn't a pig, he was very fair and helpful in the classroom, he had a girlfriend and he always treated her with the utmost respect.  I think he told those jokes because he knew it would get our attention {calculus.....last period of the day......we were probably daydreaming or dreading what form of torture our volleyball coach was about to put us through}.  I am not saying I agreed with using those jokes to get our attention but whatev.

This got me thinking.  It really wasn't that long ago that the roles of man and woman in the home were clearly defined.  Boy how that has changed.  No longer is the kitchen a place only for women or the yard a male's domain.  The once clearly drawn lines are now much more blurred.

It is amazing how many people look at me baffled when I tell them that I mow the lawn.  Trust me, Hubs offers to mow the lawn all the time but I tend to beat him to it or insist on taking care of it.  I find it therapeutic.  I know, that sounds crazy, but I do!  It is somewhat of a workout and it gives me a chance to think.  My only problem- allergies.

Hubs is a much better cook than me.  He can just throw a ton of ingredients together a VOILA! Dinner is served and tastes amazing!  I am definitely jealous of his natural talent.  I am a 'measure everything out, follow the recipe' kind of cook.

Now don't get me wrong, we haven't switched the role of chores on everything.  Hubs is my maintenance man! Just call him Tim the Tool Man Taylor {without all the accidents, fires and explosions}.  Haha!  He can fix almost anything......hole in the drywall.....no problem!  But the beauty of it is that a lot of times he teaches me how to do these things as he makes repairs.  I now know how to create a paver patio, mud a hole in the drywall, hang a cabinet, etc.

Now I won't toot my own horn too much because I have also learned the hard way that you do not, I repeat, do not just fill the entire oil tank in the lawnmower with oil.  Oops!

What chores do you do that were once viewed as an opposite gender role?

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Hilary Lane said...

I pay the bills, do the laundry, and take care of most of the yardwork.

My husband cooks me dinner every night, goes to the grocery store on occasion, and takes care of the remodeling.

Our gender roles are definitely not clearly defined!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

We mix up roles, making sure that we're both doing the same amount of work around the house. And I love your new blog design! It looks fantastic!!!