Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well hello there little Mr. Rooney! What on earth could my sweet, innocent puppy be doing?!? 
Ummmm......are you supposed to be standing on Mommy's end table?!?
That's what I thought! Now get your butt down!

Dog Training: MAJOR FAIL

Houston we have a problem! Rooney has figured out that our new end tables are VERY sturdy so he thinks that he should play mountain goat on top of the end tables.  The other day I was sitting on the couch with Rooney.  He thought it would be a great idea to climb on top of the coffee table. He thought wrong! His little butt got smacked and was told no.  Next thing I know I had a 60 lbs bulldog in my lap pouting like a little baby.  {sigh}

Of course I am also the bad parent that took pictures of him misbehaving instead of correcting him right away.  lol

Oh and if billy goat Rooney isn't bad enough he also decided that playing in my Asiatic Lilies was a genius idea.  My poor lilies! His fur is now black, white and yellow.  Yes, yellow.  His face and neck are covered in the yellow pollen.  He reminds me of the kid with chocolate all over their face that swears they didn't touch the chocolate.  Looks like someone will be getting a bath VERY soon.  

Happy Tuesday!!!!  Have a great day!
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Hilary Lane said...

I'm the same kind of puppy-momma - I take pictures first and then scold!

We've had a problem lately with our pup eating the small patch of grass that we just transplanted. There is an entire yard of grass for her to eat, and she likes to eat the one patch that we're desperately trying to keep alive!

Mrs. Hesson said...

I'm your newest follower :) August 22, 2009 was a GREAT DAY!

Ams said...

How did he get up there?!?!?! I am dying!!!!

I am so so so so so in love with bulldogs! SO in love :)

PDX Bride said...

Funny I read this post in reader and then went straight into this one . . . http://hiphostess.blogspot.com/2010/04/read-this-part-2.html

You might need to submit something!

Chocolate Lover said...

He's too cute!

Jenny.Lee said...

Winston has started climbing on the dining room table. If only it wasn't so stinking cute to see him standing there!

Nicole said...

i have too many pics of my pup! this is too funny though!!! did you try to "clicker" training ?

Mrs. Ruby said...

Haha! You have to laugh.
Our dogs are very aware they are NOT supposed to be in our bed. One day I went upstairs after taking a shower and our little beagle mix was verrry cozy under our comforter.