Friday, April 2, 2010

Blue Friday

Governor Mitch Daniels has declared today to be Blue Friday to support the Butler Bulldogs.  My favorite radio station- Radio Now Indy 100.9 was on location at Butler University just outside of Starbucks/Student Union this morning.

That crazy crew from The Scotty Show had a wonderful segment this morning.  They interviewed different people from Butler including Blue II, Butler's favorite bulldog!  Poor Blue II was still half asleep when the interview started but there was one thing that quickly woke the slumbering beast-

I am hoping that the above video is how the game plays out too (well, not violent or destructive.....just a big W for Butler)  GO DAWGS!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Hopefully this girl gets to witness a Bulldog victory!!!!! 

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VL said...

After last week's loss to y'all, we are totally cheering for you this week. Go Butler!

VL said...

Go Bulldogs!

Featuring you over at today!