Monday, April 19, 2010

Doggie Daycare

Good morning! I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!

This post is a little late but better late then never. Right?!

On Thursday I took Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum (aka- Buerly and Rooney) to be groomed.  Barkefeller's was running a special on a 'Groom and Play' package so we figured we would give it a try.  Our boys had never been to doggie daycare so I was a little nervous about how they would do with other dogs.

When I dropped them off I was told that they would do temperament testing to make sure that they could play well with others.  Is it sad that I was nervously awaiting the call from Barkefeller's?  I was so worried that I was going to be that momma with two boys who didn't play well with others.  Much to my relief the owner informed me that Buerly and Rooney passed!  My boys play well with others! :-)

The owner also told me that the staff was setting up 10-12 kiddie pools and getting ready to turn on the sprinklers for all the doggie daycare-ers.  I knew right then and there that doggie daycare would be a hit with our dogs.
The outdoor play area at Barkefeller 
When I picked Buerly and Rooney up from daycare they were EXHAUSTED!!!! They had just been groomed so they looked and smelled great!  Both boys crashed on the drive home and as soon as I let them in the house they immediately jumped up on the couches and were out for the rest of the night.
Awe! Buerly's little tongue is sticking out.  He only sticks his tongue out when he is REALLY exhausted!
Isn't the bandanna around his neck adorable?!?

Hehe! So sleepy! He can't keep his eyes open.  Pretty sure he was annoyed that I was taking pictures while we was trying to sleep.

Stinkys (my nickname for Rooney) is so tuckered out!  Normally he would attack the camera if I attempted to take a picture of him at this angle but he is too worn out to care.

And the tongue is out!

Doggie Daycare = MAJOR SUCCESS!!!!

They received report cards after their day.  Buerly's report card said that he loved playing with the balls.  He especially loved a pink ball and guarded it often.  He also enjoyed playing in the pool.  Rooney's report card said that he was such a sweetie.  He loved playing in the pool.  He spent quite a bit of time in the pools and he even played on the play sets.

I was a proud momma! lol

After the success from the first visit we will DEFINITELY be sending our boys back to daycare!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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VL said...

When we lived in KC, Belle was a regular at the daycare. I saved a lot of her report cards because they were so so cute! And they just get so tired. Maybe Belle needs to go this week...

Mrs. Bear said...

I have never heard of such a thing - how awesome!!!

Ms. J said...

New Follower! They are SO cute and love that Doggie Daycare- what a great place! We are getting a boxer pup in 2 weeks and super excited! I have a "Puppy Tips" post, if you have any advice please let me know! Thanks!

Jenny.Lee said...

OMG you knew I would love this post! How cute are your babies!!!

Chocolate Lover said...

Thats so cool that they get report cards too! Love it!
P.S. Come on over and check out my shoe giveaway!

THE Stephanie said...

Such cute little dogs! Glad they play well with others. :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

I love that you took them there :) We have something similar where I live in Florida but I haven't taken my dog there yet. ;)