Friday, March 26, 2010


I want to thank all of you for your prayers and your words of encouragement.  You have no idea how much I appreciated them and how much they helped me!  My Grandmother is doing okay.  We have come to terms with the fact that she will not be going home.  My mom and my aunt are currently in the process of finding a nursing home for her.  It is tough but we are praying that God will give us peace over all of this.

On to a happier note! So what do you think of my new blog makeover?!?  I have to say that I LOVE it! Can everyone read it okay?! Victoria at Rachel & Victoria Blog Designs did a fabulous job! She was amazing to work with and very quick at getting this little jewel done.  Their prices are VERY reasonable and Victoria did a great job of creating my vision.  I HIGHLY recommend that if you are thinking about a blog facelift that you contact these lovely ladies.  Thanks Victoria for making my blog look pretty! :-)


My Butler Bulldogs are still dancing!!!! Elite 8 baby!  Last nights game was definitely a nail biter but our boys maintained 'the Butler Way' and came out on top!! But the Bulldogs won't get much rest because they play K State on Saturday at 4:30pm.  It will definitely be a tough game but if they can pull this game off our Bulldogs will be coming home to finish out the road in Indianapolis.  You can be darn sure Hubs and I will be purchasing some Final 4 tickets if that is the case!


Have a wonderful weekend!
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Nicole-Lynn said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your grandma!

Your blog makeover looks great btw!

jessica lynn said...

so excited to see you and my little furry nephew B tonight!!

Candicelyn said...

Your blog looks great lady, I am so excited for the weekend, can't wait!

VL said...

It was so fun to do your blog! And I can't wait for OUR big game tomorrow.

Mrs. Bear said...

love the new layout!

Mrs. Ruby said...

Hey girlfriend!
Love the new blog look!
Oh, and Congratulations to the Bulldogs! We, of course, can resume our friendship AFTER we play each other in the elite 8.
Just kidding! Best of luck!!! :)