Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Completely Disheartening.......

I woke up this morning and the sun was shining! Great start to the day. :-)

When I got to work I hopped onto a couple of news websites to catch up on worldly events.  My happy, go-lucky attitude quickly diminished after reading a particular article.

Say hello to Spike.  This poor little 11 month old English Bulldog puppy was beaten so badly by his owner that he will now walk around with a limp, be blind in his right eye and probably have severe psychological issues for the rest of his life.  You can read the full article at NBC New York.

My husband sent me the link to this story this morning.  I instantly burst into tears.  How could someone hurt such a sweet little face?!? How could someone possibly be so evil and heartless inside?!?  To make matters worse I watched the video that a neighbor had captured.  I was DEVASTATED!!!  The cries and screams that you hear from that poor defenseless puppy will haunt me.  

This entire situation makes me furious!!! I am struggling to put my thoughts into words because I am so angry at this woman.  She doesn't even deserve the title of 'woman' or 'human being' so we shall refer to her from here on out as Satan's Spawn!  And what the hell was wrong with Satan's Spawn's husband?!?  He took the dog to the vet 12 different times in the course of 7 months.  That had to get VERY expensive!  Why didn't he stop Satan's Spawn from abusing this poor, innocent animal? Or was he in on the beatings too? If so, why would they even take Spike to the vet?  And how could the vet not suspect abuse or do anything about it?!? That vet has a responsibility to voice concern if he/she suspects abuse. 

It seriously takes a very sick and twisted person to abuse a puppy or any animal for that matter.  All a dog wants to do is please its owner.  Dogs want their owner's love and affection.  They are such great companions, they do not judge and they will always listen.  How can one hurt someone or something that is just looking for love and to please?!? UGH!!! This situation has me so completely frustrated!

I wish someone would beat Satan's Spawn with a shovel! Yes, I said it and I mean it.  Call me a terrible person all you want but that is how I feel! Satan's Spawn has caused such damage (emotionally and physically) to this puppy that he will never fully heal.  This poor puppy will probably always cower around people.  He will never be able to look at a shovel without fear.  And he will spend the rest of his life limping around only being able to see out of one eye.  I hope they lock Satan's Spawn up and throw away the key but I know that will not happen.  SS will probably only get a slap on the hands knowing our wonderful {sarcastic} judicial system.  And to make it worse, SS will still probably be allowed to purchase an animal after this. 

I just pray that Spike finds a wonderful family that loves him and shows him that not all people are evil.  This poor puppy has not had a good first year of life, hopefully he can live the rest of his life in happiness!

I will definitely go home after work and hug my two bullies.  You will find me cuddling on the couch with Buerly and Rooney tonight.


A Real Housewife said...

this made me sick. how completely disgusting. i totally agree with you....SS needs to be beaten with a shovel.

Cat said...

This is so sad! Someone should beat her with a snow shovel and see how well she gets around with a broken hip and leg. I can't stand hearing about animals that have been neglected and I always worry when I see an animal out in public that doesn't look like it's being well taken care of. I wish I lived on a farm and could take them all in. I love my puppies and I could never think of harming them.

Ams said...

Absolutely disgusting!!!!!
I can't understand people. Such beautiful and wonderful animals... that person should be beaten the same way she beat the dog :(
And please, that husband knew what was going on. How could you not??? BRUTAL!

My Dream Ring said...

I don't know or understand what the hell goes on in peoples head that makes them think that doing something like that is ok.That poor puppy, so sad :(

PDX Bride said...

Oh that is just disgusting. What a cute little puppy. I just don't understand people like this. I want to take that little dog home!

Mrs. Bear said...

I honestly will never understand how someone could hurt an animal!