Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Hoarding

Okay my lovely readers.....I need your help!  But before I ask, I need to give you a little background story first.  Here goes-

Hubs and I purchased our home in May of 2008.  We moved everything into the house and attempted to put things away the best we could but let's face it a lot of stuff just remained packed away in boxes that were stored either in closets or in the basement. 

During much of 2009 home decorating and sorting were put on hold because of the wedding.  After the wedding we were able to use a lot of the money we had received towards items for the house (ie- new bed set, bedding, wine cabinet, etc.).  FedEx and UPS were my new found best friends though I am sure they loathed me considering they were stopping by our house daily with extremely heavy packages.  Purchasing new furniture and decor for the house really put me in the mood to finally start getting our house in order. 

Fast forward to the present- I am still working on slowly getting rooms decorated and things put away in their proper place or packed away for Goodwill.  This process has left me feeling VERY overwhelmed {you know, that throw your arms in the air and scream feeling?!?}.  As I go through the closets I cannot believe how much stuff crap there is.  I feel like I spend most of my time moving piles from one room to another, unsure what to do with them.  It is AMAZING how much stuff two people can accumulate.  I am terrified at the thought of having children....additional people in the house accumulating items that get shoved in closets or drawers. 

Two of our big issues are-
1. ) We have accumulated a ton of decor for our basement {ie- the man cave} but since the basement is not finished it cannot go down there yet (autographed sports memorabilia, bar ware, etc.)
2.) We have spent the past 6 months looking for a new desk for our office.  We have searched high and low attempting to find the perfect piece but have had zero luck.  I finally found a desk that I love but I am not in love with the price.....figures, right?!?  Our current desk has very little storage space which makes it difficult to stay organized with all of our desk-ware (is that even a word).

But my BIGGEST issue is........I am somewhat of a hoarder.  Nothing like you see on those shows on A&E TV.  Thoughts such as-
"But what if I need this later on?"
"I am sure we can find a place for this eventually."
"If I lose 5 more pounds this will look great on me."
"This was a gift so I would feel bad getting rid of it even though we probably won't use it."

tend to run through my mind.  And can we discuss all the trinket-y shit that is in our house?!? Oh good grief! I do not even begin to have enough shelf space or display area for it all but yet I keep it.  This entire situation just has me so overwhelmed.  The worst part is common sense says to get rid of that stuff but I just can't bring myself to do it.  ARGH!!! What is wrong with me?!?
 Don't hoarding issues are not even close to the situations you see on A&E TV.  I would die!

Does anyone else out there in blog land have this issue?!? What do/did you do to solve this problem?!  Please help a girl out and give me some advice! Thanks in advance!

Lastly, any suggestions on where to find a reasonably priced desk for our office?!? We have looked at Kittles, Pottery Barn, Staples, Office Depot, Ashley Furniture, etc.

Have a wonderful Thursday! One more day until the weekend! Whoot whoot!


Amanda said...

Do you have a Restoration Hardware or IKEA near you? Target actually makes some pretty sturdy ones, as does Bed Bath and Beyond. I'm jsut not sure what size you would be preferring. Antique stores also have some good deals occasionally.

Chocolate Lover said...

You can also try craigslist and see if there is anything on there that you can use

Hilary Lane said...

My husband and I both went from having our own two bedroom apartments to living with each other in a two bedroom, one bath house that has no attic or basement space. Our guest room has become our closet/office/guest/animal/sports equipment room. We have everything from our surfboards (all 10 of them) to our printer & business papers, two dressers, to 2 forty lb bags of dog food, to a massage chair in that room. And unfortunately, we're going to be there a while, so when we have a baby, we're just out of luck!! If you find any storage solutions, please share!!

xoxoKrysten said...

I'd say if you have an IKEA by you to check them out, they have tons of way to give yourself more storage.

Cat said...

I am the EXACT same way. I always swear that one day, I'll need it. You should see the number of pairs of jeans I have, in hopes that one day I'll be the same size I was in highschool. I agree with the Ikea thing, but Restoration Hardware while nice may be expensive. And craigslist is a definite. It's super easy to slap a new coat of paint on it too so even if it looks a little rugged, you can always fix that.

And it's funny that Hilary posted that about her guest room because ours has become a closet too. I couldn't even tell you what is in there!

Hope you find something you love!

megankl said...

I have a lot of clothes that I never wear and I've been meaning to go through them, but haven't forced myself yet. I've heard that if you haven't worn something in the past 6 months then you probably won't wear it again so you should give it away. In terms of other things around your house, try giving things away to friends and family memebers. It will help with the separation anxiety if you know where your things are going :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I'm totally like this.

Try to keep only the stuff that you really love. Just step away and think about it and you'll find yourself getting rid of a few things after a few self appraisals.