Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Need Change!

Last week I received an email from a long time reader.  The reader informed me that she had a hard time reading my blog because the width of the text is larger than the columns, and the damask makes it difficult to see text.  I know when I look at my blog everything fits correctly but apparently this isn't always true for others.  Is anyone else having problems reading my blog because of this issue?!

I attempted to fix this in the past by reducing the body size but obviously it did not work.  :-(  I am definitely not very technologically savvy.

This brings me to my solution- I want to find someone to give this little blog of mine a much needed face lift.  I have been tossing around the idea for a very long time but due to the latest reading issues I definitely think I am ready to take the next step. 

So blogland friends, I need your help once again.  I know, I am rather needy lately.......lol.  I would really appreciate any and all recommendations for vendors who do blog designs.  I have done some searching myself but what better way to find the perfect vendor than to ask those of you who have gone through this same process?!  Feel free to leave any and all advice on this process too since I am pretty clueless!

Thanks!!! :-)


jessica lynn said...

thats odd...it looks fine to me!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look right for me either. the text runs off into the damask. It has to do with different people have different screen resolutions. but in my google reader you look fine ;)

Adrienne said...

I can see everything fine in google reader, but on your blog page it runs off the side. In the past it would occasionally adjust itself if I waited a minute, but now it's not doing that. I'm not tech savvy either but wanted to let you know what I am seeing on my screen. Hope that helps!

Mrs. Ruby said...

Hey girl,

Honestly, I've always noticed that...it does make it quite difficult to read your posts sometimes. But I'm still dedicated. :)
As far as a bloggy lift suggestion, I HIGHLY recommend RVblogdesigns. They did mine and they are super cheap,really quick, easy AND fun to work with - http://www.rvblogdesigns.com/

Anonymous said...

I also have a hard time reading it. I try to scroll the paragraphs all the way to the top of the page to read it without the black circles getting in the way.

Victoria said...

We're so excited to get started!