Monday, March 29, 2010

Final Four Baby!!!!!

I would love to know where my weekend went! It definitely passed by way too fast.  Not to mention the weather was kind of crappy.  Oh well.  Anyone else feel like their weekend came and went in the blink of an eye?!?


This is huge for Butler University! This is the first time in school history to have a team get to the Final Four round and hopefully they do not stop there! I am so proud of our boys and very proud to be a Butler Bulldog!

To all the K. State fans- you played a heck of a game and about gave me a heart attack in the second half.  You definitely did not roll over and die even when you were down.  So great job K. State!

Oh, and of course after Butler won I had to jump online and purchase Final Four tickets!  Hubs, me, my parents, Hubs' parents, and my friend/bridesmaid and her husband (who was a groomsman) will all be sitting together for the big game against MSU. GO DAWGS!!!!

So, today at lunch I will be heading off to the Butler bookstore with a LONG list of items to pick up for friends and family.  Our six year old niece called yesterday to ask her favorite Uncle to pick her up a Butler t-shirt so that she could wear it to school on Thursday for 'Favorite Team Day."  Ummmmm......I am pretty sure that Hubs would buy her every t-shirt in the bookstore after receiving that phone call. lol

Lastly, the University is petitioning the NCAA to allow our mascot, Blue II, to be allowed to attend the Final Four.  It is tradition at home games that players pet Blue II on the head as they run out onto the court.  Blue II then goes running across the court to the 'Dawg Pound' (our student section) to get a HUGE rawhide bone which he then carries around.  So, keep your fingers crossed that the NCAA will show a little compassion and allow Blue II to be in attendance (he doesn't have to run across the court or any of that but it would be great TV if he did).  Plus, he just turned 6 years old and Butler is now the official host of the tournament!  Check out Blue II's blog here!
This is Blue II after his birthday party last year.  He just turned six last week and all he asked for for his birthday was to make it to the Final Four.  Well, he got his wish! :-)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I know that I did! Have a great Monday!
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Marian said...

Congrats on your Bulldogs making it to the final 4. How exciting!!

Anonymous said...

My fiance and I went to the game! It was AWESOME! We are huge Husker fans so we could never cheer for obv we cheered for your dawgs! The entire arena (minus those in purple) where cheering for them was a ton of fun! I've decided I'm rooting for them to go all the way...esp now that my bracket is complete crap :) Go Dawgs!

Wild and Precious said...

was blog-hopping and landed in your beautiful world over here. so glad i did! love your title picture and your bulldogs. i actually picked up a stray bd this morning... i hope i can find his momma!

i'm hosting a giveaway I think you might like. I'd love for you to check it out:

Mrs. Ruby said...

Congrats my friend! You guys played an AMAZING that had me biting my nails and about to vom every 10 minutes.
So awesome you get to go to FINAL FOUR!!! I'm so so jealous. What a blast!!! :)

Lindsey said...

YAYAYA Congrats to the bulldgos!!