Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hap Hap Happy Birthday!

 My Momma and I at my wedding.

Awe! Aren't my Mommy and Daddy so cute?!? :-)

My Aunt, Grandma and Mom at my Bridal Shower

My Mom with me and all my friends in Louisville for my Bachelorette Party.  Wow! My Momma was a brave woman to go out and party with this wild, crazy group! She stayed out with us until the wee hours of morning.

My Mom, me and Pete Ross in Las Vegas.  I miss our annual family trip to Las Vegas.  Growing up definitely has its disadvantages!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday Mom!!!! I love you!!!

My Dad, Mom, Hubs and I are all going out to eat to Bonefish Grill for dinner tonight to celebrate her birthday.  I am so excited for yummy food!

I will DEFINITELY be ordering some Bang Bang Shrimp! YUM!!!!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!! Enjoy the beautiful weather if you are in the Midwest!
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Cat said...

I love bang bang shrimp!!!! I'm jealous:(