Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reason #238 of why I should have renewed my Onstar

Hubs and I drove over to my parents house the other night to give my dad his birthday present (his birthday isn't until April but due to the nature of the gift we had to give it to him early) and then go out to dinner.  I pulled into their driveway and parked in front of my mom's garage.  I started to grab my purse but decided to just leave it in the car since we would only be going in for a couple of minutes before we hit the road to go to dinner.

Me, being the genius, moron, that I am, also decided to leave my keys in the car.  I shut the door behind me and before I could take a step towards the house I heard the seat belt chime ring twice, the locks lock and the horn blare.

Oh EFF!!!

I ran to my drivers side door and gave the door a tug......nothing.  The worst part of all!? My keys were sitting on the drivers seat just teasing and mocking me.  Hubs just looked at me bewildered as I mumbled and cursed away.  After about a minute or two I think he figured out what had just happened.  The worst part about all of this- I was almost positive that my spare set of keys were also in my purse which was locked in the car.  Note: Typically my spare keys are kept in a drawer at home but we couldn't find the regular set one morning and were in a big rush so I just grabbed the spare set and forgot to put them back.
Pretty sure I looked a little more frazzled as I went from door to door, tugging on every door handle.  In my head I was screaming 'Idiot' at myself.

After a failed attempt to locate my keys at my house I was convinced that the spare set was in my purse.  Hubs suggested that I call Onstar to see if they could unlock my car even though I had never renewed my subscription.  No dice.  If I had renewed my subscription they would have been able to unlock my car instantly.  I even inquired if they could unlock my doors if I renewed right then and there.....of course not!

So my dad called a locksmith.  $75 freaking dollars later my car was unlocked!

Lessons Learned:
1. Never forget to put your spare key back where they should go
2. My car is possessed and should never be trusted with the keys left in the car
3. I need to renew my Onstar subscription ASAP!

Have a great Wednesday!!! :-)


Hilary Lane said...

I'm pretty sure my spare is in my purse!! I need to take it out!

Ams said...

Ohhhhh that is terrible!! And $75... they know they can charge that because really.. what other choice do we have!? Grrrrr!

My Dream Ring said...

Oh not hat stinks!!!! I always leave my spare at home which is about an hour from work. This makes me rethink my idea.

Markeisha said...


Don't feel bad, it happens to the best of us! On average, we recieve 56,000 door unlocks per month. You can press the blue button in your vehicle or call 1.888.4.OnStar to renew your subscription.