Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am so excited and nervous at the same time! I have a consultation with McNamara Florists tomorrow afternoon. I have a few ideas of what I would like to do but they definitely aren't budget savers. I am sure that I am going to be told this again tomorrow, but hey, you only get married once!

I am absolutely OBSESSED with Calla Lilies at the moment! My dream bouquet would be Calla Lilies with green Lady Slipper Orchids through out the bouquet.

Calla Lily bouquet (photo via: The Knot)

Green Lady Slipper Orchids

I have seen the two mixed together in one of my bridal magazines and I just sat there and drooled over the picture.
For my Bridesmaids, I liked the idea of going simple:

Now, if I was having a fall wedding I would totally go with this Calla Lily arrangement:

LOVE IT!!!!!

I just love the way the color pops and the elegance of the Calla Lily. Alas, I have already come up with my color scheme so you will not be seeing this in my wedding. But I can still drool over this bouquet.

Okay, back to my flower dilemma, I love Calla Lilies and am pretty sure that I want to use that in my bouquet, Bridesmaids bouquets, and Grooms men's boutonnieres. It would be very pricey to use nothing but Calla Lilies for the center pieces at the reception. So, I need to find flowers for the center pieces at the reception that compliment the Calla Lily and aren't ridiculous in price. Any thoughts?


Rachel said...

You may be surprised... while they are expensive, you may be able to get away with only a few in the arrangements since they are so striking! Plus, their height would be great for your venue.
I like the idea of adding curly willow branches with them - I think they're interesting.
Another thought, and I was going to do this at my wedding, is to use large tropical leaves. They have height, are impressive, easy to put together, and would look great with a couple Calla Lillies.

LauraAnn said...

Thanks! That is a really good idea and good to know especially since I have an inital meeting tonight with a florist!

jessica lynn said...

looooove the green lady slipper orchids! so elegant and stunning! you are right that the c. lillies wont really make the BEST centerpieces (unless you wanted to use a lot of them for a full arrangement or just a couple for a more simple arrangement. let me/us know what you find out from the florist!