Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Florist Encounter (Take 2)

My mom and I met with the florist yesterday and I LOVE him! He was not pushy in deciding what I have to do right away. He also has some really edgy ideas that would be different from what you typically see at weddings.

He used to be one of the floral designers for Martha Stewart magazine/Martha Stewart Wedding and is now with McNamara Florists (that right there sold me). And as if things couldn't get any better......he is VERY respectful of price!

He is doing a wedding at the Scottish Rite Cathedral on November 15 and is going to see about getting me to stop by to take a peak at his work. After our meeting I felt so relieved. My mom and I will meet with him again in December or January for 2-3 hours to just go through flowers and decide what I want. I don't want to totally give away what we are doing until it is finalized but think green and lush.

With that in honor of David, our florist, I leave you with a few pretty pictures:

(All photos via: Martha Stewart Weddings)


jessica lynn said...

omg take the hydrangeas from the first picture and the spider mums and daliahs from the bottom picture and your flowers wiil be aaaamazing!

jessica lynn said...

p.s. i think that we are going to be in indy the weekend of the 15th! my mom is coming down for the afternoon so if you want me to look at the SR set-up with you, just let me know!

Lindsey said...

Love this blog!!

Michelle @ My Wedding Report said...

Wow Martha Stewart! Can't wait to see what you pick out.