Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Engagement Pictures - Clothing Options

I have exactly one week from today to come up with our outfits for our engagement shoot. We are taking our pictures outdoors at Butler University which should be absolutely beautiful with the leaves beginning to fall. Butler is very senitimental to both went to college and where we first met!
I really love the color brown right now (if I didn't love green a little bit more I would have been using brown as one of our wedding colors) so I wanted to wear something brown for the shoot. Plus brown will look great in the fall for an outdoor shoot.
Here is my idea for outfit number one:
For him- brown Northface fleece, jeans, and brown shoes.

For me - white North Face fleece (I was shooting for cream but they only come in white), skinny jeans, brown chunky boots, and a brown scarf.

Too cheesy/matchy?!? Let me know what you think.

Outfit number two is a work in progress still. I am guessing button up shirt for him and nice dressy shirt for me paired with jeans. I will let you know how shopping at lunch goes (and I will definitely be getting my starbucks on the way back)!


Jenny.Lee said...

I think your choices are really cute AND comfortable which is always a plus. Love the boots!

jessica lynn said...

love the boots! i think that outfit #1 is very clean and will look great against the fall backdrop at BU! for outfit #2 i would suggest going for some brighter clothes to balance out your looks. for our save the dates we went with black (me) and white (him) sweaters and jeans. it was fine, but not fun! for our engagement shoot we went all out with color and LOVED the results!

Amanda said...

I love those boots. Can't wait to see your pics!