Monday, October 20, 2008

How We Got to This Point

I do have to brag about the way that my fiance proposed to me last December 20, 2007. I couldn't believe how creative he was!

I am an accountant and I work in public accounting. As many people know, busy season (January through April) is CRAZY!!!! So, I like to take as much time off during December as feasibly possible to 1.) get ready for the busy Christmas season 2.) rest up for a little hell on earth that I like to call tax season and 3.) just to be lazy!

So, I had taken a couple weeks off of work. Rich had mentioned that we should go out to dinner that night since we weren't going to have much alone time during the holiday season. I asked him where we were going to go but he said he would surprise me.

I was hard at work being the extremely lazy when someone knocked on the door of our apartment. I opened the door and there was a delivery guy from McNamara Florists holding a dozen roses. At first I thought that there had been a mistake and that he was at the wrong address but he said the flowers were for me. I took them inside and dug to find a card that confused me even more. The card said - "37". I sat there forever trying to think what the heck "37" meant.

So, I went back to being a couch potato when a couple of hours later there was another knock at my door. The same delivery guy was back at my door with another dozen roses. I really thought this was a mistake but he just chuckled and promised that it wasn't. The card in this dozen said "1,125". I was absolutely clueless! I called Rich's mom and she had no clue what was going on either (or so I thought).

A couple of hours later there the delivery guy was with another dozen roses. The card in this bouquet said "27,000". At this point I was calling my mom, Rich, and anyone else I could think of to tell them about the beautiful flowers and to try to figure what was going on and what was meant by the three cards.

I realized at that point that I should probably start getting ready for dinner. Right when I finished getting ready my mom called in a complete panic! She had forgotten her purse at home and was up by our apartment with no cash to pay for her purchases. So, being the good daughter I am, I put our English Bulldog, Buerly, in his room and drove over to the store really quick to help her out. I rushed home because I didn't want Rich to wonder where I had gone. When I pulled in I didn't see his car so I was relieved that he hadn't gotten home while I was out helping my mom.

I walk into the apartment and the first thing that I notice is that Buerly is walking right up to me which was really odd since I had put him in his room before I left. Then I noticed that he had a card around his neck that said "I am going to try my hardest to be good so that hopefully I can have one last name. PS - 1,620,000." At this point Rich walks around the corner with a single stem rose and gets down on one knee and says- 37 months, 1,125 days, 27,000 hours, 1,620,000 minutes as he hands me the 37th rose! This is when I realize that we had been together for 37 months which equals 1,125 days, which equals 27,000 hours, which equals 1,620,000 minutes! I was shaking!!! Of course I cried and said yes! My mom had been in on the surprise the whole time. She did a very good job fooling me!!! We had a wonderful dinner that night at the Oceanaire which is where we went on our first date together! And the rest is history!!!

I still smile when I think back to how he proposed to me. It was so creative and unique! I absolutely loved the fact that he incorporated our dog, Buerly, who is basically our child!

Buerly, our 2 1/2 year old Bulldog


Adrienne said...

Hey there! Just found your blog - that is the SWEETEST story!!!

Loved the busy season comment - I am an EY alum out of the Indy office, so I can totally relate!

Good luck with all of your planning!

LauraAnn said...


I saw you had commented on JessicaLynn's blog. Do you know her from EY?

Melissa said...

That is one of the best proposals :)

Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here said...

I just got teary-eyed reading your story. So personal and creative and of course I love that he got the doggy in on it too! Such a great memory!

Brittney said...

What an AMAZING proposal... your man is very clever :) how sweet!