Thursday, October 30, 2008

Engagement Photo Shoot

It's done! We met our photographer, Angela Talley, at the IMA yesterday to start our photo shoot. I couldn't believe how quickly she worked, granted we only had limited daylight to work with. Once we got done at the IMA we headed over to Butler University and took pictures by the Holcomb Clock Tower and through out the Holcomb Gardens. The leaves were PERFECT. Angela showed us some of the pictures as she took them and they looked awesome so I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!! Now the hard part, waiting for them to get proofed and touched up. I really wanted to ask her when they would be done but I know that she is busy (especially starting today through the weekend) so I figure that I will try not to be an obnoxious bride and wait patiently (we will see how that works out).
All in all, yesterday was PERFECT. The weather was gorgeous even though it was a little chilly. The scenery was spectacular! I think that our outfits worked out great. And, our photographer is AWESOME! She is so funny and nice. Coming soon: Preview of our Engagement Shoot.

(Photos of Holcomb Gardens at Butler University)


Adrienne said...

Oh I am sure they will be awesome! Both locations are gorgeous!!!

Candice said...

Cant wait to see them!

Jenny.Lee said...

I can't wait to see your e-pics!