Monday, October 27, 2008

The Dress(es), Part I

So, Friday morning came and it was a very rainy, dismal day. I decided that I needed a personal day when I woke up that morning, then I had a genius idea - I should call my mom and see if she wants to go look at wedding dresses! She, of course, thought this was a wonderful idea.

We showed up at Brides by Demetrio's right when the store opened since we didn't have an appointment. I didn't think that it would be a big deal since it was Friday during the work day......wrong. Just so happened that we showed up on the day that the trunk show started. The 2009 Spring collection was at the store for the weekend and they were having really good deals/incentives if you bought that weekend. Luckily they were able to squeeze me in since we showed up right when they opened.

My consultant, Michelle, was WONDERFUL! I told her that I had no clue what I wanted so she grabbed a little of everything while we also added to the pile of dresses to try on. I had 8 dresses in total to try on. The first two that I tried on were nice but nothing wow factor. I continued to try on dress after dress until I was down to the last two. My mom gasped when I came out in the second to last dress. We thought that that was the dress until I tried on the last dress. At that point I had two dresses that both looked amazing and were completely different styles. We liked both dresses. I asked if I could take a picture to send to Rich's mom to get her input but they only allow you to do that if you buy the dress.

I was a little stressed because Rich's parents are leaving on vacation next week and I felt bad calling and asking such a big favor but I needed to get this all figured out by Sunday if I wanted to get the deal. Rich's mom was absolutely amazing and said that it would be no problem to drive down on Sunday and help me decide what dress I was going to get.

My mom had gone through all the bridesmaid dresses while I was getting in and out of dresses. She found the "ONE"! They had it in the colors that I want (taupe/champagne) just reversed! I was so excited!!! On top of it all, I had gasped at an ADORABLE little flower girl dress that was in the window of the store. The second that I saw the dress I knew that my niece, Rylie, would be the cutest/most adorable flower girl ever!!! To think, by the end of the weekend I could have my bridesmaid dresses, my dress, and the flower girl dress all taken care of!!!

This obviously was something to celebrate so my mom and I went out to lunch and had a beer to celebrate our accomplishments!

Part II to come.................