Monday, October 20, 2008

Color Combinations

I think the hardest part of planning this wedding has been coming up with color combinations. After many changes I have finally stuck with the colors- Pistachio/Kiwi green (it seems to be a different shade of green from vendor to vendor) and Champagne. Hopefully come August 22, 2009 those will still be the colors.

Green has definitely been my favorite color and my wardrobe is even beginning to show this so hopefully I do not wear this color out before my wedding.

Anyone else struggle to come up with colors for their wedding?


jessica lynn said...

loooove the green! and champagne is so elegant! its going to be beautiful!

Rachel said...

Yes! I love orange, so that has remained constant, but I've changed accent colors a couple times! Originally I wanted champagne bridesmaid dresses, but my sisters nixed that as they didn't like the color on them. So I had to find a new color. Plus, orange is a hard color for weddings because it's not that popular, and most of the oranges that are available are bright (which I didn't want).

Anyways - the colors you've chosen are really pretty!! And that shade of green will be easy to incorporate.