Thursday, May 28, 2009

HONK HONK - Just Married

Meet my soon-to-be nephew and ring bearer, Ty:
Isn't he the cutest thing ever?!? I know I am biased but he is going to be so stinkin' cute in a tux!

Little background- Ty will be 1 in July. He is currently crawling EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING (and boy is he fast)! He also pulls himself up to walk along the furniture but is not officially walking on his own. His mama, my future sister-in-law and bridesmaid, has been so nervous that he will not walk down the aisle for our wedding. I am not worried because no matter what he will look adorable!

Well, problem has been solved! Thanks to the ingenuity of the family we have come up with the perfect solution! Meet our solution:
Hello Step 2 Whisper Ride Buggy from Toys R' Us! Ty already has one of these and he LOVES it! He sits in it for hours!!!!

So the plan is that even if he is walking we will probably have him pushed down the aisle by our cousin in this bad boy. Let's face it, walking down an aisle with no one in the building is one thing but walking down the aisle with a building packed full of people starring at you can be a little nerve racking (heck, I am nervous and I am much older). So even if he is walking we are afraid that he might freak out.

Currently the truck is blue (which obviously does not coordinate with our color scheme) so the family has come up with a GREAT idea to make this truck fit in (tastefully). Here we go-
  • Paint the truck black with special paint that is made for plastic (it will look like the paint job on an actual car when done)
  • Have a leather seat made that is a champagne color by one of my future father-in-law's friends.
  • Possibly chrome out the rims
  • Add LED lights where the headlights and the taillights would be
  • Add extra elastic to the ring bearer pillow so that we can put it around the hood of the truck
  • Make a sign to hang on the truck that says "Soon to be Married" on one side for when he goes down the aisle and then "Just Married" on the other side so that it can be flipped when he goes back down the aisle to leave
  • Lastly, disable the horn temporarily- he isn't obnoxious at all with the horn but just in case he decides to honk the horn during an inopportune moment, like "does anyone see why these two should not be married, if so, speak now or forever hold your peace"......."HONK HONK HONK". I think I would burst out laughing if this happened!
You all probably think that I am crazy now but I love this idea! I think it will be cute and fun for Ty! The last thing that I want to happen is for him to get scared. I would feel so bad. So this will keep him in somewhat of a comfort zone. I am sure that the truck will look awesome (knowing my future father-in-law it will look phenomenal) so I am not worried about that! And, how cute will the pictures of him in his truck be?!? I will definitely be posting pictures of the truck once it is done!

Are you doing anything different/fun to cater to a younger bridal party member?!?


{The Perfect Palette} said...

this is adorable! Cant wait to see that little truck all tricked out! will look super cute!

Holly & Helen's Hassack said...

lol i love it! chrome out the rims.. haha so cute!

Newport Nuptials said...

Thats such an awesome niece will be my flower girl and she will just turn two, I think the walk may be a little overwhelming, so I've been considerign a wagon or something, but I love this idea, the detail you are putting into it will look awesome!

Adrienne said...

Very cute idea and I agree it will make him much more comfortable! That is so sweet of your FIL's to decorate it up like that, I can't wait to see what it looks like!

Jenny.Lee said...

OMG I love this idea! He will look absolutely adorable coming down the aisle in his new tricked out ride!

My Dream Ring said...

Awwww so cute! I love that!

Tina <3 said...

I love that idea. It is going to be sooooo fun for your wedding pictures. Ps He is ADORABLE!
We wanted our dogs in the wedding but since it is inside a loft, and they are little and sometimes skiddish with so many people around....a friend built us a wagon and we painted it in our colors & decorated it for our dogs to be pulled down the aisle in by one of the ring bearers.

Christine said...

great idea :-)

KLC said...

omg. Absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

That is a cute idea! :-)

Abbie said...

This is too cute! The car's going to be pimped out! :)

Anonymous said...