Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Chair Epiphany

Sorry, after doing yard work for several hours last night and my allergies going on the fritz (constant sneezing, beet red eyes, etc) I did not feel like uploading pictures so weekend recap will have to wait until tomorrow.

Okay, back to my chair epiphany! During our tasting I came to the realization that chiavari chairs are not comfortable to sit in AT ALL!!! After an hour of sitting on these beauties my future hubby had to stand up. I was constantly fidgeting and shifting my weight from one side to the other as my butt fell asleep. As beautiful as they are I think I am going to part with my beloved chiavari chair and opt for something more comfortable. I couldn't even sit in my chair comfortably for an hour. How do I expect my guests to sit there in agony for 1 1/2 to 2 hours?!? Even with the seat cushion the chair just was unbearably uncomfortable!
The lovely Chiavari Chair
As sad as I am that the chiavari chairs did not work out there is a bonus to the situation - extra money!!! We will definitely save a lot of money since the chiavari chairs were $10.50/chair to rent and with 330 people invited (this does not include the cushion rental). Definitely a big plus!

So, here is my new chair (well kind of):
The chairs will be in a dark brown that matches the wood floors and the seat cushions, which are quite cushy and comfy, will by a champagne color. Oh, and this picture is of the ballroom at the Scottish Rite Cathedral so you can kind of visualize how that will look. These chairs are MUCH more comfortable and still look pretty great. I would rather sacrifice a little bit of look for the comfort of my guests! Oh, and the best part - the chairs do not cost me anything because the SRC already owns them! I just have to pay for the cushion covers.

Lesson Learned - Make sure you test out the seats that your guests will be sitting in. You could have the most beautiful, fun-filled wedding but if your guests aren't comfortable the beauty and fun may not be noticed as much by your guests.

I have talked about the chiavari chair and the chair I am going with which will only have a simple seat cushion cover so here are some other options that are out there-
Traditional chair covers which come in a variety of styles, colors, and types of ties.
If you want something unique, check out Chameleon Chairs. There is a plethora (yes I used the term plethora) of options and styles that are offered. The company is not located in all cities, mostly the major cities. And I am not sure how the pricing on these chairs compare.

Chair rental costs can range from $1.25 for a simple plastic, folding chair to $14 or more for a
straight-backed wood ballroom chairs with padded seat cushions. Chair covers can range from $2 for a polyester chair cover to $8 or more for a satin-like material. Some companies will throw in the sash with the chair cover rental but others will charge extra for sash's especially if you want a specific color other than white. These prices can range from free with chair cover rental to $3 or more per sash. After doing the math one can see how quickly things can add up! Oh, and if you want someone else to put those covers on there is usually a 'labor' fee that is tacked onto your total. And just when you think you are done you have to consider table linen rentals and place setting rentals. Some venues may include these but others do not. And if you want something to tie in with a theme or color theme then you will be forking over more cash for that perk. (Note: my averages are based on vendors in Indiana so averages may vary from state to state)

I now can understand why I felt so overwhelmed at the tasting. I had to consider the food selections, the chairs, the chair covers, the linens, and the place settings! Oh my goodness! Were you overwhelmed too?!? Good luck to all who are currently going through this process or will be going through this process in the future. It definitely can be tough when trying to stick to a budget!

Have a great Thursday!


Jenn said...

As for chairs and shoes alike - the better they look, the more they hurt! :)

{The Perfect Palette} said...

love chiavari chairs. Be sure to swing by The Perfect Palette today to sign up for your chance to win a gift certificate to Ink Obession Designs!

Lynsey and Brian said...

As much as I love chiavari chairs, I completely agree they aren't the most comfortable things to sit in. So right off the bat, we ruled them out. We are going with the chairs that come with the ballroom and I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable they were. We are just going to use chair covers with a sash. Making our guest comfortable was important to us.

Adrienne said...

Oooh good thing you guys tested them out! That would have been miserable for you and your guests. Great call on making a switch, and saving some mula! : )

Jenny.Lee said...

Whew, you really did your research. I'm sure your guest will appreciate the added bit of comfort!

Christine said...

Those Chiavari Chairs are really nice but you're right, they need to be comfortable.
And you remind me to ask which kind of chairs we'll have...

Newport Nuptials said...

I don't know if I've ever sat in a chivari chair that long, I'll have to check the comfort next time!

You definitely made me feel better about not using them though! :)

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Chair Covers said...

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Facebook Covers said...

We are going with the chairs that come with the ballroom and I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable they were. We are just going to use chair covers with a sash. Making our guest comfortable was important to us.

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