Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snacks, Anyone?

How many times have you eaten your dinner, had your dessert, but then had a taste for something salty?!? This, ladies and gentlemen, happens to me all the time and I am sure that it happens to others out there. Not only will we have a wedding cake and a candy bar but we will also attempt to have a snack bar that will be put out after dinner, i.e.- pretzels, chips, etc. My future sister-in-law had this for her wedding and it was a hit!!!!

There are two good reasons to have a snack bar on top of the of candy bar-
  1. After eating cake and candy some tend to crave salty foods to balance their taste buds out. Something bland like pretzels can also neutralize your stomach if you overload on sweets (I do this a lot.....but cake is soooo yummy).
  2. People drink during the cocktail hour but then a lot of times the bar is closed during dinner and doesn't open back up until the dancing begins. People will refill drinks and probably tend to drink more after dinner so a snack would be great to keep food in their stomach absorbing that alcohol.
The tricky part is how to make the snacks look classier than typical snacks. I will be buying over-sized circular vases to put snacks in as long as the caterer's clear it. NOTE - Be sure to check with your caterers before planning a snack bar. Some caterers will not allow you to put out a snack bar unless you do it through the catering company.

I will keep you posted about what our caterer says regarding the snack bar!

Anyone else thinking about doing something like this?


NotQuiteaBride said...

this is a great idea!

We are doing a popcorn bar (we are both popcorn fanatics) and we will have all the favorites like caramel, cheese, butter etc!

Oh, and I tagged you!

Hannah Noel said...

I agree totally!!
I always need something salty after I have something sweet! It just makes it all taste so much better.

I'm doing a chocolate fountain with fruit and sweet stuff to dip in it, but I'll also have a cheese/cracker station to balance it out!