Friday, January 9, 2009

Bridesmaid Gifts

I have been thinking long and hard about what to buy for each of my Bridesmaids. I have already purchased some of the gifts but I can't share with you what I bought because some of my Bridesmaids read this blog and I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise (sorry Jessica). Here are some other ideas that I found while searching/continuing to search for gifts. I thought a lot of these were really cute.

Wine Glass (Lipstick) by Lolita ($25) - Von Maur

Martini Glass (Glamour) by Lolita ($25) - Von Maur

Personalized Tote ($26.95) - My Bridesmaid Gifts

Personalized Tote w/ Damask interior ($39) - My Bridesmaid Gifts

Flip Flops (personalize the color - $15) - Dessy

Personalized Double Strand Pearl Necklace ($26) - My Wedding Favors

Last but not favorite! Twisted Pearl Necklace ($94.95) - American Bridal.
Too bad this necklace is outrageous in price....sorry girls!!!

I love the totes pictured above (especially the tote with the Damask interior) but for 8 bridesmaids those totes could get very expensive. So another idea is to create a DIY tote. The tote below is from Bath and Body Works for $6 (I know! So cheap!).

You can find iron on letters from places like Joann Fabric , Michaels, etc.
Iron on Letters - Joann Fabric ($1.99)

And TA-DA! Easy/affordable Bridesmaid gift. If you are looking for totes also check Victoria's Secret. They typically have totes and when they switch floor settings they mark them down pretty cheap (I know this because my mom has to Christmas shop for 5 siblings and their spouses and 18 grandchildren/spouses so she is always looking for deals).

What fun ideas do you have/used for Bridesmaid gifts?!?

Happy Friday!!!!


Tova Darling said...

I gave my bridesmaids a basket full of chocolate and spa-type goodies (bubble bath, loofahs, scented candles, lotion, a massager, etc). I figured that way they could relax after the wedding. :) I also gave them a necklace and earrings.

I was just in my friend's wedding, and she gave us all personalized totes like the ones pictured here. But she got the totes and letters at Pat Catan's (not sure if you have those in your area) for really, really cheap! They were adorable.

L J said...

I like the wine glasses because I know they will be put to good use;) and the flip flops.

Newport Nuptials said...

My sister collects Lolita glasses and I am thinking of giving her one as a bridesmaid gift. I got her the weddingtini when she got engaged and she gave me one when I did too.

Hannah Noel said...

I LOVE The martini glass and pearls!! I've got pearl sets for my maids too!

My Dream Ring said...

I just love the Damask interior bag, too cute and the personalized pearl are elegant.

jessica lynn said...

loooove the pearls! :) and you can share the gifts on here...just tell me not to read the post {but you know that Ill read it anyways!}