Monday, January 5, 2009


Jessie over at A Match Made in Heaven awarded me the Fabulous Blog Award. Thanks so much Jessie!!!

Here are my 5 addictions/obsessions-
  1. Our family- Rich and I have the greatest family a person could ever ask for! My parents have always been a staple in my life and soon enough I will gain another set of parents who are absolutely wonderful! You always hear horror stories about in-laws but I can definitely say that my in-laws are AWESOME! Both families get along great which is the icing on the cake!
  2. My TV shows- Secret Life of an American Teenager, Dirty Sexy Money, Big Bang Theory, Starter Wife (the list could go on and on). I love coming home after an exhausting day, laying down on the couch and playing one of my shows from the DVR.
  3. Wedding Planning- oh my gosh! I constantly think about all the things for our wedding. I am a little bummed out because I feel like I have so much planned but there is still sooooo much time before our wedding. But I am sure that time will go quickly. I obsess with my blog, wedding central on WE network, and bridal magazines......these things will surely get me drooling!
  4. My dogs- my two English Bulldogs (Buerly and Rooney) are like my kids! If you ask me, I will gladly blab on as long as I can about those two crazy dogs and all the crazy things they do. They are so spoiled (yes, they sleep in bed with us and we thought that by getting a king size bed there would be plenty of room.....guess again).
  5. My fiance- he has always been there for me. He is my best friend. I could not imagine my life without him. I constantly thank God for sending Rich into my life.
With that said, I pass this award onto-

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NotQuiteaBride said...

Hey! I just now saw that you tagged me on this one! Thanks a million!

Amanda B. Young said...

I just now saw this. So sorry for the delayed thanks. I'm honored!