Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Oh-So Popular Candy Bar

The Candy Bar has become a popular item at weddings as of late. One of my good friends, Jessica, from college had a spectacular candy bar (you can see her thoughts here on whether to have the candy bar or not). Most candy bars have various sizes of apothecary jars filled with yummy candy. I will definitely be jumping onto the bandwagon with the candy bar but I am wondering if the apothecary jars will be over used by the time I get married in August. I am considering using various sizes of vases instead, example -

Photo via Candy Favorites

I love everything about this picture - the different shapes/sizes/colors (fits perfectly with my wedding colors/look). Here are the five major items I need to recreate my vision- 1. Vases (various shapes and sizes), 2. Scoops, 3. Bulk Candy, 4. Bags, and 5. Ribbon

1. Vases (various shapes and sizes): Save-on-Crafts is a great, affordable place to look for glassware in various shapes and sizes. Here are a few vases that I found-

How pretty would it be to strategically tie taupe or champagne colored ribbon to a couple of the vases?!? I am also going to look at Target, Old Time Pottery, Tuesday Morning, and Ikea for vases at discount prices.

2. Scoops: I have not decided whether I want metal, clear or white scoops. Any thoughts or suggestions?!?
Photo via We've Got the Scoop
Very cute!!!!
The scoop pictured above is $2.66/scoop......very affordable!

3. Bulk Candy: HELP!!! Definitely need help/suggestions on places to order the candy. All help would be greatly appreciated. I have looked at Bulk Foods.com but am not sure of the quality. If you are having a candy bar, where are you getting your candy from?

4. Bags: Glassine bags are perfect for any type of candy (nuts, jelly beans, chocolates, cookies, etc.). The lining prevents grease and moisture from absorbing through the bag. Glassine Bags in a variety of colors can be found here.
I would like to create a sticker of our monogram (DIY project) to put with the bags so that guests can seal their bag shut with the monogram sticker. And/or I will also create a stamp of our monogram and stamp the center of the bags (maybe).

5. Ribbon: I am actually handing the reigns over to my mom. My mom is the best when it comes to finding exactly what you want for a good price. Her, Joann Fabric, Michaels, and Hancock Fabrics are best of buddies so I have all the faith in the world that my mom will be able to find the perfect ribbon!
Another option- our florist can order ribbon in any/every shade of color out there so I may see how much it is and ask him to order extra ribbon so that all the ribbon matches exactly!

Well, hopefully my vision turns out as pretty as the picture at the top of this post!

Are you creating a candy bar for your wedding?


My Dream Ring said...

That's a pretty Candy Bar...I like the idea of using various vases, that will give it a great look. For right now, I am on the candy bar bandwagon as well...

As far as save-on-crafts go, they have GREAT prices but the shipping is OVER THE TOP, I was going to order bubble ball vases from them for $20.24 and shipping was $23.00 What the *bleep* kind of mess is that! LOL I am just going to be looking around in discount stores like TJ Maxx and such for vases.

LauraAnn said...

Thanks so much for the heads up! That is definitely good to know.....no sense in paying as much in shipping as the darn vase costs!

andrea said...

I am definitely doing a candy buffet. I purchased my scoops online through Sams.com if you have a membership, they are super affordable....

Ditto to My Dream Ring, I have found that many online places have over the top shipping and sometimes it is better to pay a little more for the product and save in the end. Also, I have picked up many containers at Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They have such fabulous containers. I also plan to start to purchase candy after Valentines day for the pink, white, red mixed and Easter for my June wedding. Our colors are black and white so the candy can have color! I have posted many pics on candy bars on my blog!

Helen, Linda, & Holly said...

thank you for this post, i just purchased some scoops! also, for jars my mom found some great ones for a dollar each in an anitque store!