Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Working for the Weekend!

Okay, I am finally over mourning my Colts Super Bowl appearance........j/k.......okay, maybe not. Monday was a wasted day (aka recovery day) and the rest of the week has been extremely hectic! But I am back!!!! :-) I will have a recap of the weekend soon.

Sooooo.......guess what this girl is doing for Valentine's day/President's day weekend!?

SKIING!!!! I am so incredibly excited! After all the snow we have had the conditions are perfect!
This snow bunny is ready to hit the slopes. Well, almost, I still need to go get a coat!
I always lounge around the house in a pair of snow pants and ski boots......don't you judge me!
And holy moly do I need a tan!

Spyder snow pants and Salomon Divine 6 ski boots

I love my new skis! Aren't they pretty?!?
Thanks Hubs!!!

You want to hear the funniest part about all of this?!? I have NEVER skied in my life! Yep, you heard me right, never ever skied!

But my Hubs is so sure that I will absolutely love it, he went ahead and bought me a pair of ski boots. Plus, the boots were on a RIDICULOUS sale!** I know that skiing and water skiing are totally different but I figure that if I could learn how to water ski behind a wave runner (which by the way is a very hard thing to do) then I can learn how to snow ski. At least this is what I keep telling myself. Let's hope this theory holds true! lol

So blogland, if you don't hear from me next week I am probably in a hospital or worse. J/K.....hopefully! But seriously, to all you skiers out there, any tips for this newbie?!?

**If you ski and need a new pair of ski boots leave now and go directly to Dicks Sporting Goods store. All ski/snowboarding equipment/apparel ending in a 97 is an additional 50% off the already marked down price.....don't worry, I will wait.

Happy Hump Day!!!!


Lindsey said...

Hope you have a BLAST skiing!! Take pics!=)

A Real Housewife said...

so jealous!!! i have never skiid, either.....granted i do live in Texas.

Nicole-Lynn said...

That's funny considering you live up north :) I have only skiied once but I have a good excuse, I live in Florida :) Have fun!:)

Ams said...

Awwwww... I LOVE skiing!
Have a great time :)
You look great in those boots!

Kassie said...

Jealous! You are going to have such a blast skiing! :)