Friday, February 19, 2010

It's an Obvious Statement....

.....but I survived my first time skiing! YAY!!!!

And the best part?!? I LOVED skiing! I cannot wait to go back!  We are working on planning another ski weekend in the very near future (maybe in two weeks).
Hubs, me and D
I may not be an expert skier but I made sure that Hubs and I dressed the part!   Half the fun is getting the cute ski clothes! lol

The scariest part of skiing was the darn ski lift.  It is amazing how many people wipe out attempting to get off the's also pretty amusing when it isn't you wiping out.  I know, I am mean but at least I am honest. 

Here is a quick recap of the weekend:
Saturday- We woke up early to drive out to Perfect North Slopes.  I was really nervous once we arrived.  Hubs and I put on all of our gear and walked to the front.  Piece of advice to any newbie skiers out there- DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT put your ski boots on out in the parking lot and walk all the way to the lodge because your shins and feet will hate you.  They will want to disown you.....seriously.  

Once we had our boots and skiis on we made our way to the lesson area.  Hubs had skied several times but was going to attempt snow boarding on this trip.  We went our separate ways to start the lessons.  I decided to skip Stage 1 (learning how to put your boots in the bindings).  I know, what a rebel!  Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone! I made it through Stage 3 when one of the instructors told me to skip the remaining stages and go straight to the slopes.  Major ego boost! 

I attempted my first slope and made it down without falling once.  Victory is mine!  So I went to find Hubs.  Unfortunately he was not having the same luck since it was PACKED and there were tons of people taking the snowboard lessons.  In the end he switched back to skis so that we could hit the slopes together.  

Later in the day four friends from college met up with us.  My friend, D, stuck with me on the easier slopes while the rest went out on the more advanced slopes.  Once it got dark it started to get REALLY cold so we called it quits and found a restaurant to grab dinner at.  

Sunday- Hubs and I slept in, grabbed breakfast and waited on my bestie and her husband to arrive.  Once we were all packed up we headed back out to the slopes.  We spent most of the day skiing, though we took several breaks because it was soooooo packed with people.  By dusk the place had cleared out quite a bit.  The lines for the lifts were no longer unbearable but it was also starting to get really cold.

Hubs, bestie and bestie's husband wanted to go down some of the more advanced hills.  I decided to go hang out in the car and attempt to de-thaw.  The car was parked right where the lifts were so I was able to see them coming down part of the run.  Bestie called it quits after a run or two and joined me in the car.  It felt soooo amazing to get those ski boots off! My feet and shins were thanking me.  It was also nice to share a couple of brewskies while we waited on our crazy boys.  Those boys were like two little kids at an amusement park.  After each run they would ski up and ask us if they could go again, of course we said yes. 

Monday-  We had planned on going skiing but the weather was terrible.....well, perfect for skiing but not great for getting back home!  Counties around us were going into snow emergencies so we decided to skip town and hit the road.  An hour and fifteen minute drive turned into over a two hour drive but we finally made it home safely.  

The weekend was AH-MAZING! I had so much fun and not to toot my own horn but this girl never fell once! It was a great time with wonderful friends and I cannot wait to do it again!

I was a slacker and took zero pictures but my bestie took some pictures so as soon as she gets those uploaded I will post some more pictures.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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Lindsey said...

Sounds like an amazing time and I'm so glad it was!