Friday, February 26, 2010

My Boys

Buerly and baby Rooney {aka demon child} riding in the backseat of my mom's car

This picture makes me want to get another bulldog puppy!!!! Little Rooney is so sweet and innocent in this picture {boy did he have us fooled}.  And his brother, Buerly, looks sooooooo incredibly thrilled to be sharing his backseat with the little demon child! 

Hmmmmm.......maybe I can convince Hubs {and our bank account} that we should get another

This morning Rooney woke up before our alarm went off.  He meandered over to my side of the bed.  He started crying, yodeling and carrying on because he wanted to get into bed with us.  I was still half way asleep so I ignored him in the hopes that he would just let me get those last few precious minutes of sleep before the alarm started squawking.  So Rooney gave up and wandered over to Hubs side of the bed.  He started growling, barking and screaming at Hubs {notice he cries for me but gets pissed at Hubs......that would be my}.  Hubs eventually rolled over and patted on the bed for him to jump up {sucker}.  Once Rooney jumped up into bed he burrowed underneath our comforter and fell right asleep, happy and content. 

I swear, he is the most vocal dog I have ever owned/seen.  He talks back, screams when he is pissed, whines when he wants something and shrieks if you don't give in to what he wants.  I really wish I knew what was going through that little head of his.  I am sure it would be pretty amusing.    

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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Ams said...

Ohhhhhhhh so cute! I can't wait til my little guy gets here :)
The kids are going to freak when he arrives. Tomorrow or the next he supposed to get here! WOOT!