Friday, February 5, 2010

I Have An Addiction.....

and it is serious.

Hi! My name is Laura and I am addicted to Pottery Barn.

{Hello Laura}

My addiction started about two years ago when Hubs and I purchased our home. Prior to that I never had any cravings or issues because we lived in an apartment. I didn't want to purchase items for an apartment that we would not be living in for a long period of time. But as soon as we purchased our home the cravings started. They were small at first but grew each month.....usually around the time that the Pottery Barn catalog would grace our mailbox.

After two years I have come to terms with my addiction. It has not only affected me but has affected all those around me; Hubs, Buerly, Rooney, my credit cards, our trash pick up, and Fed Ex. Our garbage man is probably going to go on strike if he sees one more pile of boxes from Pottery Barn and I am pretty sure that our Fed Ex driver is going to request a relocation if he has to deliver one more of those heavy boxes to our front porch.

Buuuuuuut.......just one more shopping trip couldn't really hurt anyone.......right?!? I promise, this will be the last time! I PROMISE!!!! ;-)

Here are the latest items that I am drooling over!!!!
Peyton Linen Cotton Drape (in Espresso)
I would jazz up our family room windows with these babies!

Bellora Chandelier
This would go in our wine room. Not to mention it would go perfect with what we already have. Say hello to our beautiful Modular Bar Buffet and shelves:

Holman Ledge
Love, love love these shelves because you can lean frames against the wall and not worry about them sliding off thanks to the lip.

Found Soda Bottles
Ummmmm.....yes please! Perfect for on the shelves in our wine room.

Bedford Rectangular Desk Set (in Espresso)
Love this desk.

Classic Single Sink Console (in Espresso)
This would be PERFECT for our downstairs bathroom. We currently have a pedestal sink that offers no storage space whatsoever!

As you can all see, I clearly need all of these beautiful items {I need all this stuff like I need another hole in the head is what Hubs would probably say}. Well, a girl can dream.....can't she?!?

And the sad part is, Pottery Barn is just one of many guilty pleasures! :-)

So, tell me, what is your 'addiction/guilty pleasure'?

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


A Real Housewife said...

i haven't ventured to shopping for furniture and home goods online...yet, but i have a serious addiction to and Amazon for pretty much anything and Palmer Cash for their hilarious t-shirts...seriously, i normally buy at least 6 at a time.

Marian said...

I think we may all be a little addicted to Pottery Barn. They make such amazing things.

Hannah Noel said...

Then you'll appreciate the fact that I'm going to pottery barn TODAY!!! With a gift card, Yay!!

Rachel said...

We LOVE Pottery Barn! We bought a living room set with our wedding money... It was a big splurge but completely worth it! All of your decorating ideas are beautiful.