Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bienvenidos a Miami

I know that this is a little overdue but better late than never! Right?!

The Colts played the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the AFC Playoffs. The game was at 8:30pm on Saturday, January, 16, 2010. My parents have had season tickets since the Colts came to Indianapolis. Luckily my parents REALLY love Hubs and I because they invited us to all the playoff games! :-)

Thanks to the large number of people who came into town for the game and the 30,000+ cheerleaders in town for a competition we knew we would have to get downtown early. So, at 5pm we headed downtown with our fingers crossed that we would be able to find a place to eat (all restaurants were booked or not taking reservations). First on our stop.....The Claddaugh....my favorite!!!! The atmosphere at the Claddaugh is so electric, especially on game days. Irish rock music, TONS of beers on tap (including Hubs favs- 312 and Guinness), and great food make for an awesome place to pre-game.
Aren't my parents adorable all decked out in their Colts gear?!? :-)
Hubs and I (note to self: next time ask someone to take the picture instead of holding the camera out......talk about up close)
The giant blow up tunnel that the custom chopper rides out of and the players run out of (if you look closely you can see Joseph Addai #29 running out of the tunnel)
I found it funny but I am sure most Baltimore fans didn't find it as funny.

On January 24, 2010 at 3:30pm the Colts played the Jets for the AFC Championship. Let's just say that out of all the fans that I have ever encountered these were the worst. They were very cocky, disrespectful, rude, attempted to start fights, smoked pot on the streets of Indianapolis, etc (I am sure there are GREAT fans too but unfortunately we did not encounter any of these).

I feel as though the above paragraph does not justify our encounter well enough. The night before the game Hubs and I went out to dinner with some friends. We went to Harry & Izzy's (the same nice restaurant that we had our rehearsal dinner at....go here to see pictures). Nice......right?!? Before we could even sit down there were drunk people screaming the 'Jets' cheer and a guy walked into the restaurant wearing a 'Peyton Manning F***ing Sucks' t-shirt. Ummmmm......can we say dress code violation and vulgar?!? Fans of the opposing team were talking about how Indiana was nothing but a state of hicks who serve terrible food. Dinner was complete HELL!!!! It was the most miserable, degrading dinner I have ever sat through. The only thing that left me amused was the fact that these 'fans' were talking about how much they hated Manning yet they were eating in a restaurant that is OWNED by Manning. Haha! Keep ordering those bottles of wine!

Whew! Sorry for the rant but it was needed!

Okay back to game day. We attempted to go to The Claddaugh again but before we even got there we heard "J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!" Eff! Our fears were confirmed. Once there all we saw was a sea of green. Greeeeeaaaaat! And after constantly listening to the 'Jets' cheer the night before Hubs and I knew that we did not want to deal with it. So we walked on to the next bar- Ike and Jonesy's. Very fun bar! The only colors we saw when we walked in were blue and white.......much better!

And we just so happened to run into one of my really good friends from college, C!
My parents, me and C (I know tanning beds are bad but yikes do I need to go lay in one for about a day or so)
Peyton, doing what he does best!
Our Defense did an amazing job. Hopefully they can continue in Miami!
Final Score!
Let the celebration begin!
The entire stadium was LOUD the entire game. It didn't get any quieter after the Colts won either!
Reggie Wayne sporting his hard helmet
Funny Story- Reggie Wayne showed up the first day of training camp back in August in a dump truck wearing a hard helmet and construction outfit. The helmet said, "Super Bowl team under construction." Talk about motivation!
Owner Jim Irsay receiving the trophy with former Colts RB Edgerrin James. I really wish the Colts would hire Edge to a one day contract so that he could retire as a Colt.

Well blogger-land friends.......the Colts are Super Bowl bound and this girl couldn't be happier! Unfortunately I am not going to be in Miami for the big event but my parents will be there rooting on the Colts {lucky lucky them}.

Instead we will be hosting a party at our house. My MIL, FIL, aunt, uncle and friends are all coming over to watch the game with us. So you know what this means?!? I will be making lots of fun football snacks for the game! :-)

What are your plans for the Super Bowl?!?


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Ike & said...

Following up with that comment, email ikeandjonesys@gmail.com when you are ready. :)

Lindsey said...

I love a good Irish pub! Our plans for the Super Bowl are going to a party at my parents, it's become a tradition and it's fun. Lots of yummy food!

mart and lu said...

wow looks like you had so much fun! and it looks like you were super close to the action as well. fantastic!

Ams said...

I LOVE the pictures... how fun!! :)

Mrs. Ruby said...

HOW MUCH FUN!!! What a great thing to share with family and friends...looks like you're going to have a fantastic super bowl this year!!!