Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Bowl Weekend

I know, this post is VERY late. So here goes-

Hubs' parents drove down to spend the weekend with us. They were originally going to come later in the afternoon but with the crazy snow storm they decided to leave early that morning which meant I was able to leave work early to meet them at the house. Lucky me, right?!?

Since I was able to leave early I made Hubs take the Tahoe (aka- Big Gray Bus) and I took his Mercedes (aka- SHITTY in snow and by 'SHITTY' I mean VERY SHITTY). I left work before the snow really started coming down so I didn't have any issues getting home. I did receive a text from Hubs prior to leaving. It read- "Buy beer ASAP......just in case." So while most people were out buying eggs, milk and bread this girl was out purchasing cases of beer. Priorities people, priorities!

Once Hubs made it home we all decided to go to Ichiban. Yes, we were those crazy people out on the roads risking our necks for the sake of some delicious sushi. So worth it! The Big Gray Bus got us to and from safely. Gotta love an SUV with awesome tires! And the best part?!? Sammi, the owner of Ichiban, sent over some free rolls and salad as appreciation for coming during a snow storm (we are regulars).
These were later in the day on Friday. We were hit again with another round of snow Friday night and into Saturday morning. Hubs had to shovel a path from the deck to the grass for Buerly and Rooney.

We didn't really have any plans for Saturday but it somehow turned into project day. I had mentioned to my FIL that I would love to install cabinets in my laundry room for added storage. Ummmm.......what girl doesn't want extra storage space?!? So my FIL and Hubs went to Home Depot and picked up everything necessary to complete the project. Oh and did I mention that my wonderful FIL hung all of my shelves, pictures, and wall decor on Friday? Pictures to come soon!
This is the 'before' pictures of our laundry room. You will have to wait to see the after picture. I know, shame on me for leaving you all in suspense! ;-)

And what kind of home project is complete without a gift wrap roll sword fight?!? I mean, seriously, have you ever made it through a DIY project without one of these?!

Buerly and Rooney took it upon themselves to deem Saturday a lazy day.
Rooney can't even keep his eyes open.

Does it get much lazier?!?

Saturday night we went downtown to Barcelona Tapas. YUM!!!!

Sunday was obviously Super Bowl Sunday. Unfortunately my team did not win so there really isn't too much to say! J/k......kind of. We had a wonderful time with our friends and family! Good food, good company and good times. What more could you ask for?!?

I hope you all are having a great week!

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