Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reason #136.....

"Why you don't leave your husband without a 'honey-do' list on his day off":

When I left for work Monday morning the only thing on our dresser was our Comcast Cable box, the hurricane candle, and the Yankee candle. Clean and uncluttered......just the way I like it!

And this is what I came home to-
Just LOVELY!!!!! As you can see Hubs hooked up a tuner, a blue ray DVD player, speakers, and his computer tower. WTH?!? Oh and he didn't even put anything underneath the computer tower!

Me: Ummmmmmm.......it probably isn't good on the furniture to have that computer tower sitting on the dresser with nothing under it.
Hubs: Well, the cord was just a couple of inches too short otherwise I could have set it on the ground next to the dresser. But don't worry......I set it down very carefully.
Me: Greaaaaaaaat! {as I grab a towel and make him lift the tower so that I can put it underneath}

{a minute or two of silence as I stare at the technological mess on my beautiful new dresser}

Me: Wait a minute! Why the heck do you have the computer tower hooked up to the TV?!?
Hubs: Oh! I wanted to watch 'Real Genius'. We don't own the DVD and it wasn't on TV but I have a copy saved on my computer.
Me: Okay....fine.....but why did you hook up the tuner and the speakers?!?
Hubs: Because the I couldn't get audio to come through without it.
Me: I see.......

Yeah......Real Genius......thanks a lot 80's genre Val Kilmer......you are to thank for this mess! lol
Now do you see why you always leave a 'honey-do' list for your husband when he is home alone?! If you don't you might come home to something like above! My Hubs cracks me up! I love him! haha!

Anyone else run into the same issues?!?