Thursday, January 21, 2010

Of course this happens to me.....

I had to stop by my prior place of employment today to grab some tax forms. After a long gab fest with some of my friends I stopped by McAlisters to get some yummy chicken tortilla soup to-go. Perfect for this crappy, rainy it's my favorite! After I had grabbed my soup and ice tea (which they are famous for) I headed over to Petsmart to grab 80+ lbs of dog food for the fat furbabies. Quick in and out trip.
When I pulled into Petsmart it was raining pretty hard.......gross! But I did manage to score the front row parking spot.......oh yeah! So I ran in, grabbed a cart and walked straight back to the aisle that shelved their food. I threw the first bag into the cart and reached for the second. As I started to throw the second bag of food into my cart I noticed a couple kibbles of dog food on the floor. I assumed that the bag I had just grabbed must have had a hole in it so I set it back down and loaded a different bag into my cart.
After I checked out I put my hood up and went running across the parking lot to my car. I threw the first bag (which was the second bag I loaded into my cart) into the back seat and grabbed the second bag (which was the first bag loaded into the cart). As I started to lift the bag out of the cart it felt like the bag was lighter. Ummmmm.......this is probably because there was a waterfall of dog kibble spilling into the cart and all over the parking lot. CRAP!!!!

I threw the bag back into the cart and ran into the store. The second I hit the doors I could hear kibble hitting the tile. Literally, every single person in the general vicinity stopped what they were doing and started staring at me. To make matters worse there were about 8 dogs in the area that were now tugging on their leashes for dear life trying their hardest to drag their owners closer to the delicious treasure that had just flowed out of the bag. The guy who had just rang me up starred at me in complete and utter disbelief.

My face was on fire and I managed to squeak out, "Ummmm......there is a hole in this bag. I don't want to move the cart any more because food keeps pouring out. Should I just leave the cart right here?!? Or do you have a trash bag that I can put it in to prevent any more from spilling out?!? And is it alright that I grab another bag that doesn't have a hole in it!?"

First off- DUH!!!! Way to state the obvious Laura! Of course there is a hole in the bag. How the heck else did the food pour out!
Secondly- I am pretty sure that the employee thinks that my dumbass somehow ripped the bag when I was loading it into my car. I promise, the hole was in the bag before I got out of the store!
I ran to the food aisle and threw a 40lbs bag of food over my shoulder. As I walked to the front of the store I saw more people struggling to keep their dogs away from the tempting treat that was all over the floor. Seriously, why can't Petsmart have multiple exits?!? I sheepishly walked by and said thank you to the guy at the register. When the automatic doors opened I just stopped in complete horror. After about a minute I just burst out laughing.

There was a big trail of kibble that went from the cart out to my Tahoe in the parking lot (key word: big). It was like the doggy version of 'follow the yellow brick road' for crying out loud. You could tell that the people walking into the store were following the trail of food with their eyes. At this point all I could do was laugh and call my sister-in-law to tell her how the employees of Petsmart probably hate me right now!

Hope you all have a great weekend! TGIF and GO COLTS!!!! :-)


Brittney said...

hahaha oh my gosh! too funny :) but now you'll just look back and laugh right!? right? haha!

Thanks for the encouragement... starting Monday (hopefully) I'll work out on normal basis :)

Startup Wife said...

Oh gosh, this was hilarious--totally one of those things that are absolutely mortifying in the moment, but when you look back, it's funny. The thought of all the dogs going crazy in the store is so funny! Haha.

Jamie said...

That story is so funny!

I can't help but think of the poor deprived dogs who couldn't get to the food though, lol

A Real Housewife said...

this is too funny and sounds like something that would happen to me....knock on wood it hasn't yet.