Friday, January 8, 2010

Chef Hubs

My Hubs LOVES to cook (lucky girl over here)! I am jealous of how at ease he is in the kitchen. He doesn't require recipes, he can eye ball measurements, and when he actually uses recipes he changes them to suit his taste. Seriously!!!!! Meanwhile, I am the one in the kitchen measuring everything and following the recipe to a 'T' for fear that if I change anything I will ruin it.

Now do you see why I am jealous?!? You might as well paint me green because I am very envious! But don't worry.....I am still queen of the kitchen when it comes to baking! :-)

Last night was no exception. It was cold and snowy outside so neither one of us wanted to set foot outside of the house. Hubs whipped up his ah-mazing fondue dinner for us. He found recipes online for several Melting Pot creations a while back and added his own little flair {yum!}. Are you ready for your mouth to water?!?

Appetizer: Wisconsin Trio Cheese Fondue (cheese lovers out will swear you died and went to heaven)
Fontina, Butterkase and Buttermilk Bleu Cheeses with a white wine.
French bread, pumpernickel bread, granny smith apples, and carrots for dipping.

Dinner: Mojo style cooking
Caribbean-seasoned bouillon with a citrus flair
Chicken, shrimp, three-cheese ravioli, and vegetables for dipping

Oh my gosh! Words cannot describe how heavenly this meal is!!!! My poor attempts of a diet (mainly portion control) went straight out the window! The Mojo style cooking is VERY healthy because in essence you are cooking everything in a broth but the cheese more than makes up for the healthiness of that. We had the ingredients to make dessert (chocolate, strawberries, bananas, etc) but were way too stuffed to even look at another bite of food.

Our meal was cooked in fondue pots that my mom found at Target several years ago for a fraction of the original cost. When she gave them to us I thought she was crazy and that we would never use them.....but we have definitely gotten our money's worth out of the two fondue pots.
Target - $29.99
They actually still carry the same pots we bought!

Have a wonderful Friday!!! TGIF!!! :-)


Abbie said...

Lucky you! Our house is definitely not the same!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Ahhh, sounds divine esp. the mojo style. You are totally tempting me to get a fondue pot!