Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blast from the Past

I FINALLY found a new camera cord!!!! So you know what that means?!? Time for past recaps which go back to Christmas! I know that this is long overdue but better late than never......right?

Our family room-
We LOVE our fireplace during the winter. We turn it on everyday after we get home from work. I knew that I wanted a huge wreath to go above the mantel and this year I finally found one!

Our family room Christmas tree (9 foot) with some presents already under the tree!

Family room tree all lit up.

My mom bought me this wreath from McNamara. David, the florist who did our wedding, made this wreath! It is so do not do it justice!

Our 7 foot entry way tree with garland around double doors that go to the office.

Our other 9 foot tall tree in the office. This tree contains our favorite ornaments from past to present. It is kind of a hodge podge tree but I love it!

We also have a 6 foot tree in our bedroom that is decorated in turquoise and brown. Unfortunately I did not get a picture before I took the tree down. So in total we have four trees 6 foot and above. And Hubs said that I could get another Christmas tree or two once we finish the basement! Yay! Yes, I am a TAD bit obsessed with Christmas! My mom is to blame for this. I grew up with a Christmas tree in every room of the house as well as a Nativity (One 12 foot tree, one 9 foot tree, a couple 6-7 foot trees, etc.). Christmas means that our homes turn into Winter Wonderlands! :-)

I helped her put up 3 of her trees this year as well as the 9 foot tree at our office.

And here are some of my favorite ornaments-

Did you seriously think I wouldn't have a bulldog Christmas tree ornament?!? Oh don't you worry......this is one of many! :-)

This Tigger is from when I was a little girl. He plugs into the Christmas lights and moves up and down inside of the stocking. This ornament is a big hit will all kids!

Another bulldog ornament!

Buerly and Rooney even have their own ornaments thanks to Grandma!

This is just one of my Christopher Radko ornaments. Every year I try to purchase a Christopher Radko ornament. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these ornaments and am hoping to someday have an entire tree of nothing but Christopher Radko ornaments. I have a long way to go!!! ha!

This year I purchased the 2009 Christopher Radko 'Just Married' ornament (sorry, I don't have a picture of it yet and you can't find one online). I went through HELL to get this ornament. It was a Macy's exclusive and it just so happened that they were sold out online. I literally called 10 different Macy's stores 4 days before Christmas to find this darn ornament. One store really ticked me off! I called the Macy's at Herald's Square because I was told they had 14 in stock.

Nasty Lady: Thank you for calling Macy's. This is the Houseware Department.

Me: Hello. I am looking for this Christopher Radko ornament. I was told you had 14 in stock. Is there any way you can check to see if you have this ornament. I have the SKU number if that would help? Or can you transfer me to the ornaments department please.

Nasty Lady: Do YOU know what Macy's you just called?!? This is THE Macy's at Herald's Square!!!!! And do YOU realize that it is 4 days before Christmas?!?

Me: Yes and I really do apologize but I am really desperate to find this ornament. {of course I know which Macy's I just called you stuck up prude......and no, the world does not revolve around Herald's Square like your tone of voice suggests is what I really wanted to say}

Nasty Lady: Well, I refuse to transfer you to the ornament department!

Me: {completely shocked} What?!?

Nasty Lady: Well! We are far too busy to look for some stupid ornament for you! We do not have time to be running around trying to find some ornament for a customer on the phone.

Me: Fine. Bye and Merry Christmas to you too! {my blood was BOILING.....I really wanted to tell her what I thought of her and where she could shove her customer service skills}

If I hadn't been so desperate to keep searching for the ornament I would have called back to talk to a manager. That was complete crap! An employee should never treat a customer like that no matter where the heck their stupid store is located! As you can see this situation still makes me mad.

But I was finally able to find my ornament! A Macy's in Illinois still had a few left. The girl was so sweet and even overnighted my ornament at the regular shipping rate! So all was well in the end. :-)

Have a great Thursday! It is almost Friday!!!!


Chocolate Lover said...

Beautiful photos! I can't believe how difficult it was to get your ornament! So glad you did in the end though.

Marian said...

These pictures make me ready for the holidays...sigh.

And I can't believe the lady at Macy's. Ughs