Friday, January 29, 2010

A Day for Pampering

Three out of the four members of our household will be getting pampered today! My favorite!!!! Poor Hubs isn't as lucky.

I dropped Buerly and Rooney off at the groomer this morning for some pampering.
"Hey mom! Are we ready to go yet?!?"

Buerly loves looking out the windows hate Buerly looking out of them. I will definitely need to Windex the snot and boogies off the inside once I get the boys home. Price you pay with snorty bullies! lol

Rooney always tries to climb onto my center console and play 'King of the World.' Usually this results in him face planting.

"Are we there yet?!?"

Disclaimer: I did not take pictures while I was driving! :-)

Side note- Yes, that would be Coach collars that you see. My mother spoils our dogs rotten! We are in serious trouble when we decide to have kids!

The boys are going to be all clean and smell great. Rooney's nickname is 'Stinky' and he has definitely been living up to his name lately! So, hopefully no more Stinky!

And after work this lucky girl is going to go get an hour massage at Exclusives Hair Salon & Day Spa! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

After this week I desperately need some pampering!!!! So hurry up 3:30pm!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Cute dogs :) Have a relaxing afternoon!

Hi, Lane said...

Hahaha, I love Rooney's underbite!

Ams said...

Yes, you DEFINITELY deserve some super duper pampering lovely lady! Enjoy every minute of it :)
I just want to squish your dogs! So adorable.

Mrs. Ruby said...

I am SO jealous. Have an AMAZING time!!!!