Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting Healthy in 2010

Between last nights over indulgence in cheese fondue and my realization that I will be in Orlando by the pool in a bikini in only 6 months I have come to the conclusion that I need to get healthy and in shape!!!! EEKS!!!!!
Victoria's Secret abs and butt look nothing like that......oh how I wish!

My biggest issue is portion control. I LOVE food and I love to keep eating even after I feel full which is why I think keeping track of what I eat might help me. In the past I have used Spark People. The website was okay but I wasn't sure if there was something better out there.

So I ask all of you out in bloggerland- if you keep track of food intact/exercise what website do you use?!? Anyone else have portion control issues?! What do you do?!?

Please and thank you in advance for your help!!! :-)


The Mrs. said...

Honey... you have got to check out my post from yesterday! It was our lifesaver as we lost weight for the wedding! :) I'm back on the slutty-bikini in 2010 bandwagon! :)

Jennifer said...

Try this site

Hi, Lane said...

There's also an iPhone app if you have one. It allows you to put your goal in & then it tells you how many calories you can consume each day - & adjusts for how much exercise you get. And it's FREE! And is that a new VS suit?! I love! I was just thinking last night that it would make me really happy to go suit shopping right now!

Jenny.Lee said...

I'm old fashioned and keep a food journal in my bag. For me personally there is something about writing as opposed to typing that sticks with me. I've heard a lot of good things about!

ashleigh said...

i still love spark people. its the best i have used. there are so many options and blogs and everything to read to keep you going..

holly-lynn said...

i'm old fashioned like jen. carry around a food journal and weigh myself every morning to keep in check. i also write inspiration quotes, and goals in the journal and keep it in my purse for reminders!