Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello 2010!

I know it is very cliche but I decided that this year I am going to actually make a list of resolutions and see how many I actually fulfill! This alone will be a VERY big challenge for me because I am sooooooo bad when it comes to New Year's resolutions. I make them and within a month (if I'm lucky) I have already forgotten about the things I wish to change or do so I gave up with even making resolutions.

So, here goes nothing-

1. Exercise more-
We have a brand new elliptical machine sitting in our basement collecting dust. It is time to brush the dust off and start using it! My goal is to exercise at least 3 times a week.

2. Run in a 5k-
I know this doesn't sound like much but I loathe running! If I am running on a treadmill or elliptical I get VERY bored. I constantly look at the clock to see how much time has elapsed. Running outdoors is definitely better for me because I can distract myself with the scenery and I have a constant change in my view. The only problem with running outdoors- it takes a major toll on my knees. I have bad knees so running on concrete/pavement has me walking like an 80 year old women within a day or two.

3. Maintain our house better-
I am terrible at keeping up with cleaning and laundry so I am hoping that if I make a schedule that I will do a better job this year. Fingers crossed!

4. Finish our basement (aka.....Hubs' Man Cave)-
This is definitely #1 on Hubs list for 2010. If he had it his way we would have started over the weekend. Lucky for me (well us) Hubs is pretty handy; he knows how to frame out a basement, hang drywall, etc. So with the help from some friends we will save a LOT of money by doing it ourselves. We are hoping to start Hubs' man cave in the next month or two.

5. Cook more often, learn new recipes, and cook healthier-
I am just going to lump all of these into one category.

6. Finish our patio project and landscaping-
Our patio project is near completion. Had it not been for the wedding we probably would have had it done last year. Once we finish I will have to landscape the area.

Recommendation to all future brides- do not start any huge home projects. You will definitely drive yourself crazy!!!

7. Scrap book more-
Scrap booking is a hobby that I adore. With the new addition of my cricut I am hoping that I can find time to scrap book more.

8. Go to church more often-
This is at the top of my priority list. I know I haven't discussed religion on this little ol' blog of mine but religion is very important to me. Hubs and I have found a church that we both like and we love the Pastor! That was the first big step so now we need to make it a priority to attend on a regular basis.

9. Worry less-
I am such a worry wort! I really want to try to worry less, put things in God's hands, and go with the flow. Seriously, if there is something for me to worry about I will stew over it until I drive myself crazy.....even if I have no control over the situation (aka- our sump pump.....will elaborate later).

And there you have it- my list of resolutions for 2010. Yes, I know that some of my items are more like a 'to-do' list of items but it's my list so I can do what I want! :-) Of course I want to spend more time with my husband, dogs, and family but I think this is a permanent life goal, not just a 2010 goal.

Did you make a list of resolutions for 2010? Do we share any of the same goals?!?

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years! Unfortunately the vacation is over and it is now back to the grind of things. Have a wonderful Monday and as soon as I can purchase a new cord for my camera I will be posting lots of pictures (better late than never....right?!?).


Lindsey said...

Great resolutions!!! I need to worry less this year too, good one!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Great resolutions. We are also trying to get to church more often, excercise more, and eat healthier.