Friday, January 29, 2010

A Day for Pampering

Three out of the four members of our household will be getting pampered today! My favorite!!!! Poor Hubs isn't as lucky.

I dropped Buerly and Rooney off at the groomer this morning for some pampering.
"Hey mom! Are we ready to go yet?!?"

Buerly loves looking out the windows hate Buerly looking out of them. I will definitely need to Windex the snot and boogies off the inside once I get the boys home. Price you pay with snorty bullies! lol

Rooney always tries to climb onto my center console and play 'King of the World.' Usually this results in him face planting.

"Are we there yet?!?"

Disclaimer: I did not take pictures while I was driving! :-)

Side note- Yes, that would be Coach collars that you see. My mother spoils our dogs rotten! We are in serious trouble when we decide to have kids!

The boys are going to be all clean and smell great. Rooney's nickname is 'Stinky' and he has definitely been living up to his name lately! So, hopefully no more Stinky!

And after work this lucky girl is going to go get an hour massage at Exclusives Hair Salon & Day Spa! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

After this week I desperately need some pampering!!!! So hurry up 3:30pm!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hopefully a Better Day!

Today has to be a better day than yesterday was! On my way into work yesterday some a-hole {a title well deserved} thought it would be a great idea to run a light and hit me in the middle of an intersection. And to make it worse.....this royal a-hole also thought it would be a stellar idea to run!

So there I was, sitting in my car going hysterical {an understatement} waiting on the cops to arrive! The worst part was sitting there knowing that I was screwed because some classless smuck didn't have the decency to stop {probably because he didn't have insurance}.

Don't worry! There is still some hope in humanity. A guy in the truck behind me witnessed the entire incident and attempted to follow the a-hole but wasn't able to get a license plate number. He came back and gave me all of his information and said that he was willing to be a witness. Thank you God for good people on this planet!

Unfortunately, my insurance company doesn't fall under that category. They didn't care that there was a witness. I am still out my $500 deductible because I didn't get a name or a license plate number. I argued with the claims department, insisting that they were condoning chasing a hit and run driver down, but my arguing did not help. EFF me!!!!

So now my poor baby, the Tahoe {aka- The Big Gray Bus}, needs some work done on the bumper and front grill. Oh and Hubs has informed me that I will never be allowed to own anything other than a SUV after the accident. The only upside to the day- after I was done calling the insurance company and getting an estimate done I threw on a pair of sweatpants and lounged on the couch the rest of the day!

Today has to be a better day!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

This sums it up!

This picture sums up perfectly how I feel today!!!! I am EXHAUSTED and have no voice but I can't complain too much because my Colts are Superbowl bound!!!! :-)

Please 4:00pm, hurry up and get here so that I can go home and lounge on the couch under a blanket in my sweatpants!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Of course this happens to me.....

I had to stop by my prior place of employment today to grab some tax forms. After a long gab fest with some of my friends I stopped by McAlisters to get some yummy chicken tortilla soup to-go. Perfect for this crappy, rainy it's my favorite! After I had grabbed my soup and ice tea (which they are famous for) I headed over to Petsmart to grab 80+ lbs of dog food for the fat furbabies. Quick in and out trip.
When I pulled into Petsmart it was raining pretty hard.......gross! But I did manage to score the front row parking spot.......oh yeah! So I ran in, grabbed a cart and walked straight back to the aisle that shelved their food. I threw the first bag into the cart and reached for the second. As I started to throw the second bag of food into my cart I noticed a couple kibbles of dog food on the floor. I assumed that the bag I had just grabbed must have had a hole in it so I set it back down and loaded a different bag into my cart.
After I checked out I put my hood up and went running across the parking lot to my car. I threw the first bag (which was the second bag I loaded into my cart) into the back seat and grabbed the second bag (which was the first bag loaded into the cart). As I started to lift the bag out of the cart it felt like the bag was lighter. Ummmmm.......this is probably because there was a waterfall of dog kibble spilling into the cart and all over the parking lot. CRAP!!!!

I threw the bag back into the cart and ran into the store. The second I hit the doors I could hear kibble hitting the tile. Literally, every single person in the general vicinity stopped what they were doing and started staring at me. To make matters worse there were about 8 dogs in the area that were now tugging on their leashes for dear life trying their hardest to drag their owners closer to the delicious treasure that had just flowed out of the bag. The guy who had just rang me up starred at me in complete and utter disbelief.

My face was on fire and I managed to squeak out, "Ummmm......there is a hole in this bag. I don't want to move the cart any more because food keeps pouring out. Should I just leave the cart right here?!? Or do you have a trash bag that I can put it in to prevent any more from spilling out?!? And is it alright that I grab another bag that doesn't have a hole in it!?"

First off- DUH!!!! Way to state the obvious Laura! Of course there is a hole in the bag. How the heck else did the food pour out!
Secondly- I am pretty sure that the employee thinks that my dumbass somehow ripped the bag when I was loading it into my car. I promise, the hole was in the bag before I got out of the store!
I ran to the food aisle and threw a 40lbs bag of food over my shoulder. As I walked to the front of the store I saw more people struggling to keep their dogs away from the tempting treat that was all over the floor. Seriously, why can't Petsmart have multiple exits?!? I sheepishly walked by and said thank you to the guy at the register. When the automatic doors opened I just stopped in complete horror. After about a minute I just burst out laughing.

There was a big trail of kibble that went from the cart out to my Tahoe in the parking lot (key word: big). It was like the doggy version of 'follow the yellow brick road' for crying out loud. You could tell that the people walking into the store were following the trail of food with their eyes. At this point all I could do was laugh and call my sister-in-law to tell her how the employees of Petsmart probably hate me right now!

Hope you all have a great weekend! TGIF and GO COLTS!!!! :-)

Blast from the Past

I FINALLY found a new camera cord!!!! So you know what that means?!? Time for past recaps which go back to Christmas! I know that this is long overdue but better late than never......right?

Our family room-
We LOVE our fireplace during the winter. We turn it on everyday after we get home from work. I knew that I wanted a huge wreath to go above the mantel and this year I finally found one!

Our family room Christmas tree (9 foot) with some presents already under the tree!

Family room tree all lit up.

My mom bought me this wreath from McNamara. David, the florist who did our wedding, made this wreath! It is so do not do it justice!

Our 7 foot entry way tree with garland around double doors that go to the office.

Our other 9 foot tall tree in the office. This tree contains our favorite ornaments from past to present. It is kind of a hodge podge tree but I love it!

We also have a 6 foot tree in our bedroom that is decorated in turquoise and brown. Unfortunately I did not get a picture before I took the tree down. So in total we have four trees 6 foot and above. And Hubs said that I could get another Christmas tree or two once we finish the basement! Yay! Yes, I am a TAD bit obsessed with Christmas! My mom is to blame for this. I grew up with a Christmas tree in every room of the house as well as a Nativity (One 12 foot tree, one 9 foot tree, a couple 6-7 foot trees, etc.). Christmas means that our homes turn into Winter Wonderlands! :-)

I helped her put up 3 of her trees this year as well as the 9 foot tree at our office.

And here are some of my favorite ornaments-

Did you seriously think I wouldn't have a bulldog Christmas tree ornament?!? Oh don't you worry......this is one of many! :-)

This Tigger is from when I was a little girl. He plugs into the Christmas lights and moves up and down inside of the stocking. This ornament is a big hit will all kids!

Another bulldog ornament!

Buerly and Rooney even have their own ornaments thanks to Grandma!

This is just one of my Christopher Radko ornaments. Every year I try to purchase a Christopher Radko ornament. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these ornaments and am hoping to someday have an entire tree of nothing but Christopher Radko ornaments. I have a long way to go!!! ha!

This year I purchased the 2009 Christopher Radko 'Just Married' ornament (sorry, I don't have a picture of it yet and you can't find one online). I went through HELL to get this ornament. It was a Macy's exclusive and it just so happened that they were sold out online. I literally called 10 different Macy's stores 4 days before Christmas to find this darn ornament. One store really ticked me off! I called the Macy's at Herald's Square because I was told they had 14 in stock.

Nasty Lady: Thank you for calling Macy's. This is the Houseware Department.

Me: Hello. I am looking for this Christopher Radko ornament. I was told you had 14 in stock. Is there any way you can check to see if you have this ornament. I have the SKU number if that would help? Or can you transfer me to the ornaments department please.

Nasty Lady: Do YOU know what Macy's you just called?!? This is THE Macy's at Herald's Square!!!!! And do YOU realize that it is 4 days before Christmas?!?

Me: Yes and I really do apologize but I am really desperate to find this ornament. {of course I know which Macy's I just called you stuck up prude......and no, the world does not revolve around Herald's Square like your tone of voice suggests is what I really wanted to say}

Nasty Lady: Well, I refuse to transfer you to the ornament department!

Me: {completely shocked} What?!?

Nasty Lady: Well! We are far too busy to look for some stupid ornament for you! We do not have time to be running around trying to find some ornament for a customer on the phone.

Me: Fine. Bye and Merry Christmas to you too! {my blood was BOILING.....I really wanted to tell her what I thought of her and where she could shove her customer service skills}

If I hadn't been so desperate to keep searching for the ornament I would have called back to talk to a manager. That was complete crap! An employee should never treat a customer like that no matter where the heck their stupid store is located! As you can see this situation still makes me mad.

But I was finally able to find my ornament! A Macy's in Illinois still had a few left. The girl was so sweet and even overnighted my ornament at the regular shipping rate! So all was well in the end. :-)

Have a great Thursday! It is almost Friday!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reason #136.....

"Why you don't leave your husband without a 'honey-do' list on his day off":

When I left for work Monday morning the only thing on our dresser was our Comcast Cable box, the hurricane candle, and the Yankee candle. Clean and uncluttered......just the way I like it!

And this is what I came home to-
Just LOVELY!!!!! As you can see Hubs hooked up a tuner, a blue ray DVD player, speakers, and his computer tower. WTH?!? Oh and he didn't even put anything underneath the computer tower!

Me: probably isn't good on the furniture to have that computer tower sitting on the dresser with nothing under it.
Hubs: Well, the cord was just a couple of inches too short otherwise I could have set it on the ground next to the dresser. But don't worry......I set it down very carefully.
Me: Greaaaaaaaat! {as I grab a towel and make him lift the tower so that I can put it underneath}

{a minute or two of silence as I stare at the technological mess on my beautiful new dresser}

Me: Wait a minute! Why the heck do you have the computer tower hooked up to the TV?!?
Hubs: Oh! I wanted to watch 'Real Genius'. We don't own the DVD and it wasn't on TV but I have a copy saved on my computer.
Me: Okay....fine.....but why did you hook up the tuner and the speakers?!?
Hubs: Because the I couldn't get audio to come through without it.
Me: I see.......

Yeah......Real Genius......thanks a lot 80's genre Val are to thank for this mess! lol
Now do you see why you always leave a 'honey-do' list for your husband when he is home alone?! If you don't you might come home to something like above! My Hubs cracks me up! I love him! haha!

Anyone else run into the same issues?!?

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Fun Packed Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I know I sure did!

Friday night: Hubs and I went to Ichiban for some much needed sushi with my bestie, P, and her husband. I ordered my usual- miso soup, a couple different sushi/nigiri rolls and green tea ice cream. Soooooo yummy!!!! We even received a free roll from Sammy, the owner of Ichiban. Gotta love being regulars!
Saturday: Hubs and I laid low all day in preparation for the BIG event! Around 5pm my parents, Hubs and I went downtown to grab dinner at The Claddaugh Irish Pub.......always a fabulous time. The place was a sea of blue and white. Everywhere you turned you saw people in Colts gear.....oh and you saw some Ravens fans too. It was such an electric atmosphere! After dinner we made the walk to Lucas Oil Stadium for the game. Obviously the game was awesome since we won! :-) I have some great pictures from the game buuuuuut I still do not have a camera cord to upload!

Unfortunately I lost my voice at the game and have yet to find it! Please let me know if you happen to find a lost voice wandering around. ;-)
Sunday: Recovery day! We slept in and pretty much bummed around the house all day. I did manage to get the remaining Christmas decor packed away and put in the storage room of the basement. Big plus!
Even Rooney was in recovery mode. He lives such a rough life!

Monday: I am at work and not happy about it because my husband is snoozing away in bed with our two furbabies! SOOOOOO unfair!!!!! It was definitely a struggle to get out of bed this morning. It made it even more difficult seeing my husband sleeping peacefully. I thought once or twice about 'accidentally' waking him up but I decided to be nice. lol

How was your weekend?!?

If I EVER get a new cord for my camera I will have LOTS of pictures to post. Until then my posts will be rather bland and boring....sorry!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Buerly Update

We just got home with Buerly!!!!! Thank you all sooooooo very much for your sweet comments! We are all completely exhausted but very thankful to all be back together. You can count on the fact that all four of us will be snuggling in bed tonight! :-D

Thank you all again! You are all wonderful and made my day! I will be back to blogging again tomorrow. Have a great night!

Rough Night.....

I was almost done cooking dinner last night when Hubs told me to come see what Buerly was doing. When I walked into the room he was laying on the floor stretching, or so we thought. All of a sudden he started thrashing and convulsing, his legs locked and he couldn't move. My heart instantly sank into my stomach because deep down inside I knew what was going on. Hubs and I ran to Buerly as fast as we could. The sheer look of terror in his eyes absolutely broke my heart.

Thank goodness Hubs remained calm because I totally lost my head. I ran around like an idiot grabbing the medications that Buerly is on, recent vet records, and anything else I thought we might need while Hubs attempted to keep Buerly calm. I was in freak out mode. We put Rooney in his crate and loaded Buerly into the car to rush to the animal emergency hospital.

All that crazy running around didn't pay off. In the end I forgot everything; my purse, the medications, and his vet records. Eff! After meeting with the vet it was confirmed that Buerly had had a seizure {one of the scariest things you will ever witness}. Now the question is whether this was an isolated incident, allergic reaction to medication or the early start of epilepsy (worst case scenario). The vet insisted that they keep him overnight for observation in case he had another seizure.

It was so weird walking into the house to one dog. Rooney was in a panic hunting everywhere for his big brother. He ran from room to room, eventually he sat down with the most confused look on his face.

Sleeping last night was impossible. Rooney was up every hour wandering around the room looking for his best friend. He eventually gave up and curled up on Buerly's pillow to sleep. I couldn't get the look of terror Buerly had in his eyes out of my mind and I know Hubs was probably the same way.

As of this morning I am still waiting on the emergency hospital to call. We are praying that he did not have a second seizure and that we can pick him up ASAP! Buerly is like a child to us, he is our furbaby. We just want to get him home, love on him and spoil him rotten. Hopefully I will have a good update soon!
My squishy faces! Oh how we love these two!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Don't Drink the Water!!!!!

At least that is what my Hubs told me at dinner Saturday night!

Hubs and I went out to dinner with our wonderful neighbors, A and H, who are expecting their first baby together {soooo excited for them}!!!! We were all talking and joking about 'honeymoon row'** while at dinner.

H mentioned that maybe we should change the name from 'honeymoon row' to 'baby row.' H started naming off all these neighbors that are pregnant or recently had a baby. It turns out that there are at least 15 women in our neighborhood that are currently pregnant or recently popped out a kid. And when I say 'in our neighborhood' that really only covers 2-3 streets in our neighborhood.
My jaw nearly hit the table. Hubs eyed my glass of water, grabbed it and said, "don't drink the water stick with beer for now." lol

Don't get me wrong, Hubs and I eventually want kids.....key word- eventually. We have only been married for 4 1/2 months and there is still a lot we would like to do before we start thinking about having a baby. So until that time comes we will enjoy each other and our moments of irresponsibility.

I feel like as soon as you get married people immediately start asking you when you are going to start popping out kids. Anyone else encounter this?!? We had a couple people ask us when we were going to start a family at our wedding reception......AT OUR WEDDING RECEPTION!!!! Just to be a smart ass I really wanted to answer, "Tonight."

**Story behind 'Honeymoon Row'- when we first moved into our neighborhood our street and the street behind us (backyards backed up to each other) was called 'honeymoon row' because for the last 6 or more years at least one household on the row had gotten married. Everyone thought the trend was going to stop in 2009 because no one was getting married......that is until we moved in! :-) I can happily say that we helped the tradition continue! Now we need to find a couple for 2010 to keep it going!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting Healthy in 2010

Between last nights over indulgence in cheese fondue and my realization that I will be in Orlando by the pool in a bikini in only 6 months I have come to the conclusion that I need to get healthy and in shape!!!! EEKS!!!!!
Victoria's Secret abs and butt look nothing like that......oh how I wish!

My biggest issue is portion control. I LOVE food and I love to keep eating even after I feel full which is why I think keeping track of what I eat might help me. In the past I have used Spark People. The website was okay but I wasn't sure if there was something better out there.

So I ask all of you out in bloggerland- if you keep track of food intact/exercise what website do you use?!? Anyone else have portion control issues?! What do you do?!?

Please and thank you in advance for your help!!! :-)

Chef Hubs

My Hubs LOVES to cook (lucky girl over here)! I am jealous of how at ease he is in the kitchen. He doesn't require recipes, he can eye ball measurements, and when he actually uses recipes he changes them to suit his taste. Seriously!!!!! Meanwhile, I am the one in the kitchen measuring everything and following the recipe to a 'T' for fear that if I change anything I will ruin it.

Now do you see why I am jealous?!? You might as well paint me green because I am very envious! But don't worry.....I am still queen of the kitchen when it comes to baking! :-)

Last night was no exception. It was cold and snowy outside so neither one of us wanted to set foot outside of the house. Hubs whipped up his ah-mazing fondue dinner for us. He found recipes online for several Melting Pot creations a while back and added his own little flair {yum!}. Are you ready for your mouth to water?!?

Appetizer: Wisconsin Trio Cheese Fondue (cheese lovers out will swear you died and went to heaven)
Fontina, Butterkase and Buttermilk Bleu Cheeses with a white wine.
French bread, pumpernickel bread, granny smith apples, and carrots for dipping.

Dinner: Mojo style cooking
Caribbean-seasoned bouillon with a citrus flair
Chicken, shrimp, three-cheese ravioli, and vegetables for dipping

Oh my gosh! Words cannot describe how heavenly this meal is!!!! My poor attempts of a diet (mainly portion control) went straight out the window! The Mojo style cooking is VERY healthy because in essence you are cooking everything in a broth but the cheese more than makes up for the healthiness of that. We had the ingredients to make dessert (chocolate, strawberries, bananas, etc) but were way too stuffed to even look at another bite of food.

Our meal was cooked in fondue pots that my mom found at Target several years ago for a fraction of the original cost. When she gave them to us I thought she was crazy and that we would never use them.....but we have definitely gotten our money's worth out of the two fondue pots.
Target - $29.99
They actually still carry the same pots we bought!

Have a wonderful Friday!!! TGIF!!! :-)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rooney -vs- The Evil Box

Well, I finally found the cord that goes to the video camera! Unfortunately, I was told that if I wanted a new cord I would have to order it from the manufacturer at $40.....NO WAY!!!!

Luckily they have come out with these USB sticks that allow you to plug your memory card directly into the USB stick to upload pictures onto the computer. Those wonderful USB sticks are only $9.99.......much better. Problem- I didn't have my camera with me and couldn't remember the make of my camera for the life of me which means I had no clue what type memory card it used {figures}. Sooooooo I ended up buying the wrong size! No pictures today, hopefully I will get the right USB stick today (camera is in my

So until then I posted a sequence of videos of our crazy puppy, Rooney! We were in the process of redoing our dining room and had just ordered some furniture from Pottery Barn. Rooney decided to help me collapse/breakdown the huge boxes. Isn't he such a good little helper?!? ;-)

And the winner is.........ROONEY!!!!!
That, ladies and gentlemen, is our crazy/psycho puppy! lol

Happy Hump Day!

The Vain of My Existence......

Meet our sump pump: The Zoeller M-53
This fine piece of equipment has been a thorn in my side for the past....oh 6 or 7 months. But don't worry, Mr. Zoeller has had an accomplice the entire time.

Meet the Zoeller Battery Backup Sump Pump System-
If anything was going to actually make me go insane it possibly will be this situation.

When Hubs and I purchased our home a year and a half ago we fell in love with several aspects of the house. One major aspect we fell in love with was the basement. It was a large, open unfinished basement that just oozed with potential! Hubs wanted an unfinished basement so that he could mold his man cave into a creation that would have most men drooling. Lucky for us my wonderful husband knows how to do everything but the electrical and plumbing which will save us a lot of money in labor when it comes time to finishing the basement!

The only problem with his potential dream man cave?!? Our sump pump situation.

Since we moved into the house we have burnt through one sump pump and two battery backups.......NOT cheap. Lucky for us the basement has never actually flooded (knock on wood) because we were able to catch the problems immediately.......and I hauled buckets of water from the pit like it was my job (awesome workout, not so awesome on the stress levels).

I am pretty sure that our neighbors think that I either a.) have a thing for the plumber (gross) or b.) that my husband has switched career paths because we have had a plumbing truck in our drive-way 10+ times in the past 6 months. To our sump pump's defense, most of these visits were due to the plumber not installing the equipment correctly which led to the battery backups burning out.

After the incompetence of our original plumbing company we decided to contact a different plumbing company for a second opinion. It was determined that our house sits on a high water table. Lucky us!!! Basically that means that our sump pump will run all the time and there is nothing we can do about it except protect our investment or hope that our water table dries up which would be a miracle from God.

Thank goodness my brother was at the house when the plumber gave us the news of the high water table. The water works immediately started flowing! Normally I do a decent job of holding it together but I was beyond frustrated at this point. I had been dealing with this problem for over 6 months only to be told that there really isn't a permanent fix to the problem. Not the answer I wanted to hear. I am the type of person that likes to hear the problem, discuss the solution and take action.

So what do we do to protect our investment- install another sump pump and a water backup system on top of our current sump pump and battery backup system. Yep, you heard me correctly......4 different types of pumps with bells and whistles to alert us when there are malfunctions. And of course until we get all of this fixed we can't begin finishing our basement.

I know that once we get everything installed I will be able to rest a little easier but until then I have been driving my self insane. I wake up in the middle of the night and listen for the sump pump, holding my breath until I hear it kick on. I sit at work and wonder whether it is still working (the times it stopped working was while I was at work......of course). And traveling anywhere.....forget it......I would be a nervous mess! I would worry the entire time we were gone that I would be coming home to a flooded basement! The only upside is that we really don't have much in our basement at the moment. What is in the basement is on risers so even if it does flood nothing would be lost.

I have learned more about sump pumps than I ever wanted to learn thanks to this mess but that is part of home ownership. When we first moved into our home I wouldn't ever dare stick my hand into that dark, nasty pit let alone touch the cover of the pit. But now I will stick both arms deep into that pit and mess around with the pump like I am a highly trained plumber......without the butt crack hanging out, of course. Everything is perfect about our home except for this issue and once we install the additional pumps we should be good to go. So as long as our current pump continues pumping its little heart out until we get the additional backup installed I will remain sane (if not you may be reading about me in the

I know that I said I would try to worry less as one of my 2010 resolutions but this darn high water table is really making it difficult. Anyone else encounter home ownership nightmares?!?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello 2010!

I know it is very cliche but I decided that this year I am going to actually make a list of resolutions and see how many I actually fulfill! This alone will be a VERY big challenge for me because I am sooooooo bad when it comes to New Year's resolutions. I make them and within a month (if I'm lucky) I have already forgotten about the things I wish to change or do so I gave up with even making resolutions.

So, here goes nothing-

1. Exercise more-
We have a brand new elliptical machine sitting in our basement collecting dust. It is time to brush the dust off and start using it! My goal is to exercise at least 3 times a week.

2. Run in a 5k-
I know this doesn't sound like much but I loathe running! If I am running on a treadmill or elliptical I get VERY bored. I constantly look at the clock to see how much time has elapsed. Running outdoors is definitely better for me because I can distract myself with the scenery and I have a constant change in my view. The only problem with running outdoors- it takes a major toll on my knees. I have bad knees so running on concrete/pavement has me walking like an 80 year old women within a day or two.

3. Maintain our house better-
I am terrible at keeping up with cleaning and laundry so I am hoping that if I make a schedule that I will do a better job this year. Fingers crossed!

4. Finish our basement (aka.....Hubs' Man Cave)-
This is definitely #1 on Hubs list for 2010. If he had it his way we would have started over the weekend. Lucky for me (well us) Hubs is pretty handy; he knows how to frame out a basement, hang drywall, etc. So with the help from some friends we will save a LOT of money by doing it ourselves. We are hoping to start Hubs' man cave in the next month or two.

5. Cook more often, learn new recipes, and cook healthier-
I am just going to lump all of these into one category.

6. Finish our patio project and landscaping-
Our patio project is near completion. Had it not been for the wedding we probably would have had it done last year. Once we finish I will have to landscape the area.

Recommendation to all future brides- do not start any huge home projects. You will definitely drive yourself crazy!!!

7. Scrap book more-
Scrap booking is a hobby that I adore. With the new addition of my cricut I am hoping that I can find time to scrap book more.

8. Go to church more often-
This is at the top of my priority list. I know I haven't discussed religion on this little ol' blog of mine but religion is very important to me. Hubs and I have found a church that we both like and we love the Pastor! That was the first big step so now we need to make it a priority to attend on a regular basis.

9. Worry less-
I am such a worry wort! I really want to try to worry less, put things in God's hands, and go with the flow. Seriously, if there is something for me to worry about I will stew over it until I drive myself crazy.....even if I have no control over the situation (aka- our sump pump.....will elaborate later).

And there you have it- my list of resolutions for 2010. Yes, I know that some of my items are more like a 'to-do' list of items but it's my list so I can do what I want! :-) Of course I want to spend more time with my husband, dogs, and family but I think this is a permanent life goal, not just a 2010 goal.

Did you make a list of resolutions for 2010? Do we share any of the same goals?!?

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years! Unfortunately the vacation is over and it is now back to the grind of things. Have a wonderful Monday and as soon as I can purchase a new cord for my camera I will be posting lots of pictures (better late than never....right?!?).