Friday, December 4, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!!

It is no secret that I LOVE me some Christmas! Every year I try to sweet talk/bribe Hubs into letting me put up the Christmas trees earlier and earlier (yes, I said trees plural.....will explain that soon). This year was no exception! Since Thanksgiving fell a week later this year I was in a panic about losing that precious week of warm, holiday decorations and cheer! Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration........but not completely!

Soooooooo......I batted my eyes and in my sweetest voice (aka- the 'I really, really want something' voice) asked Hubs if I could get the Christmas decor out before Thanksgiving. Before he even had the chance to respond or say no I quickly started making my case of why this was a genius idea on my part. I mean, we weren't hosting any Thanksgiving festivities at our house this year and I had had all my fall/Thanksgiving decor up since Labor day weekend so truthfully, I was kind of over it! Normally Hubs stands firm in his belief that we have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to get out the Christmas decor (which was traditionally when I always got Christmas stuff out too) but this year he shocked me! He said YES!!!!

I think I was halfway down the basement stairs humming 'Jingle Bells' before he could even get the word 'yes' completely out of his mouth. Before he knew it I had boxes, containers, trees, garlands, and wreaths scattered throughout the house. But hey, he knew how extreme I am when it comes to Christmas before he married me. Ha! I was in the best mood that day!

Oh, and did I mention that all of this occurred on November 14th?!? Ha! Yes, I know, major faux pas on my part but I couldn't resist diving into the holiday cheer early this year. Don't you judge me!

So what is your tradition when it comes to timing of putting up the tree?!? Did any of you give into the temptation and put the tree up early this year?!?

This picture was taken last year during our family Christmas at our house.

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Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

It's never too early for Christmas!!!

Marian said...

If Christmas could be all year long, I wouldnt' mind a bit. Though I probably love it more because it only happens once a year.

Jen said...

Any time after Thanksgiving is fair game for the tree! Sometimes I even put it up before that!

Chocolate Lover said...

I love Christmas! The more decorations and trees the merrier if you ask me!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I think I'm kinda the opposite. My favorite time of year is the summertime :) I do enjoy christmas though.. it's fun seeing everything all festive and everyone in the giving spirit.