Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!!!

......or at least that is what our bulldog, Buerly, seems to think!
All pictures compliments of the good ol Blackberry so excuse the poor photo quality.
Buerly was snuggled up on his pillow underneath a blanket last night. Talk about spoiled!

Meanwhile, Rooney (our other bully) was in our bed underneath the comforter. You couldn't even see him at one point because he wanted to be completely buried! I swear, our dogs are so darn spoiled it isn't even funny!

Need further proof?!?

This is a common occurrence at our house.

I am so glad that I kept my 'leopard' and 'zebra' print blankets so that our poor babies have something to sleep on/under (I refuse to let them takeover my nice blankets). Heaven forbid they actually sleep on the floor like normal dogs. Hubs and I have definitely created two little stinky monsters! But we do love our little monsters no matter how spoiled or stinky they are! Anyone else create little monsters by spoiling their pets?!? :-)

PS - We are in serious trouble when we decide to have

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!

Side note: I will try to upload my pictures from the holidays tonight. I lost my camera cord so hopefully tonight I will go purchase a new one!


Mrs. Smith said...

My pup sleeps under the covers too. Often with her head sticking out and on the pillow. :)

Ams said...

Aw, I LOVE those pictures!! They are great :)
We are adding a bulldog to our mix in the summer I think and I can't wait to spoil him/her rotten!

Jen said...

Oh love the pictures! Puppy likes to snuggle in my blanket too :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Love pictures of your doggies :) So cute!