Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Christmas Tradition

Every Christmas for as long as I can remember (and probably longer) my dad and I have gone Christmas shopping together to find the perfect presents for my mom. We spend all day shopping, just the two of us. And usually that includes us going out to lunch together....major plus! :-)

This may not sound like a big deal but trust me, it is. My dad, like a lot of men, would rather do just about anything but set foot in a mall. His idea of shopping is to go to the jewelry store and do some one stop shopping.......which mom has NEVER complained about. Hehe! He is definitely not the shopping type but one day out of the year he turns into quite the shopper! My mom has always said that she 'wishes she could be a little mouse along for the ride just to see us in action' because we always come home laughing with some great stories about what we did that day.

That very, very special day just so happens to be today! My dad and I are leaving work around 10:30am to go hit up the malls and search for those perfect presents. I look forward to this day every year!!! It's not that often that my daddy and I get to spend the entire day together, just the two of us. We always have a great time and tend to be very successful in our shopping ventures.

Have a WONDERFUL Thursday......I sure know I will! :-D
My daddy and I

This is just one of our holiday traditions but a very special one! What are some of your Christmas traditions?!?


SheLikesToTravel said...

I am a wee bit jealous of this day that you share with your father. My own father and I rarely spent any time together when I was growing up... and now I really don't speak with him. I value relationships like the one that you and your father share. Enjoy it!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

That is the absolute sweetest thing. Have so much fun enjoying your day with Daddy today!

Christin said...

Enjoy your day with your dad! How special and fun!

Rachel H. said...

What a wonderful tradition with your dad...we used to do that with my dad too, but we've since become too busy, and we've stopped. I wish we hadn't, and I don't think that you are ever TOO busy, but we just made it seem that way.

Jenny.Lee said...

Aww that's awesome! I'm a Daddy's girl too. :)

Brittney said...

that's such a neat tradition - I do the same thing with my dad... but I guess we do include my brothers :) haha! But, yes, always a fun time! My dad so enjoys it!

Blair said...

How sweet! Beautiful picture of you and your Dad! Enjoy the time you have with him, I would give anything to have mine back for just one day!