Friday, December 4, 2009

I just made room on my shelf for...... big ol 'Aunt of the Year' trophy that I will be receiving after the holidays this year!

Would you all like to know why?!?!?!?
Bloggerland friends meet Zhu Zhu Pet......Zhu Zhu Pet meet Bloggerland friends. Now that formal introductions are out of the way I can elaborate. I am sure you all have heard that this toy is the 'IT' item of the holidays for kids all around the world. People line up outside of stores hours before opening, crazies stalk FedEx and UPS trucks and parents have gotten into fights for these pesky, mess-free, economical hamsters.

Well, this lucky girl has scored a Zhu Zhu Pet for her adorable soon-to-be six year old niece for Christmas (let the screaming and jumping up and down commence). Wanna know the best part?!? I didn't even wait in long lines or wake up hours before the sun rise to get one! Lucky me, right?!?

One of my college roomie's has some connections.......we will just leave it at that (don't worry, they are all legit.....she's not in the mob or anything). I just happened to text her at the perfect moment regarding these cute, little vermin and she was in the right spot at the right time and grabbed one for me. So when I give my 'Aunt of the Year' acceptance speech I will definitely be thanking my college roomie first and foremost!

But why stop at the 'Aunt of the Year' award when I can go for 'Aunt of the Century'?!?
If I could get my grubby little hands on one of these accessories I would surely win 'Aunt of the Century'. I know that E-Bay and Amazon are always an option but I refuse, let me repeat, refuse to pay 2-5 times the value of a product all for the sake of getting a hot ticket item before Christmas when we all know that it will be available after Christmas! Whew.....need to take a breath after that rant!

So, I will continue to look for these accessories but I also will not kill myself attempting to find one because let's face it.....I already have 'Aunt of the Year' in the bag. But if I happen to get really desperate for that 'Aunt of the Century' award I might cheat and buy a real hamster ball from a pet store to see if the little rodent will run around in it. What do we think- will it work?

Ultimately, I am just hoping that I will get lucky and an accessory will just 'fall' into my lap. Hey! It's possible! Until then, wish me luck because I will need it!

Very important side note: Hubs only has one sibling (aka our niece's mother, Hubs' sister)......VERY stiff competition for the 'Aunt of the Year' trophy ;-)


Gonna Be His Mrs. said...

I truly hate to put a damper on this, but you may want to read this:,2933,579551,00.html?test=faces

Rachel H. said...

Interesting pet...I have never heard of this before!

Mrs. Smith said...

i heard about these! my husband's aunt paid $40 or something for one on ebay because she was tired of looking. crazy!