Wednesday, September 16, 2009 favorite word

Our wedding and honeymoon timed out PERFECT! We came back home to a week of work followed by Labor Day weekend. Score! Three day weekend after a nice week long vacation.....loved it!

The other reason it timed out perfectly- Labor Day sales with lots to be purchased after the wedding for the house. We saved a TON of money by shopping Labor Day sales. Would you all like to see what we purchased?!?

Say hello to our new bedroom furniture. Do you love it?!? I sure do!!! We bought the bed, dresser (sans the mirror because it will go under our flat screen), the chest and two night tables. I really want to find the bench but have been unsuccessful so far.

Kittles - Newport (chocolate)

We got a heck of a deal on our bedroom furniture! The manager gave us 15% off the already marked down prices. Doesn't seem like a lot, but it is when the furniture was priced incorrectly. The floor price tags were a lot lower than what corporate had the sale prices. The manager didn't realize this until after we had shook hands on it. So, we purchased the furniture for a lot less. One problem- it can't be delivered until late September to late October and since I have not one ounce of patience.....this is a HUGE problem for me! I have to keep telling myself that I survived almost a year with no bedroom furniture, I can last another month or so.

What else did we get? Ohhhh....our bedding!
Macy's - Hotel Collection (Wide Stripe)

I registered for this glorious bedding for the simple fact that I would get 10% off of it after the wedding as a registry completion incentive. Take 10% off for registry completion, another 15% off with a coupon on top of very low Labor Day sale prices and voila......I get my bedding for a very reasonable price! :-)

Lastly, we were able to get a new Level 4 down comforter (picture thick and fluffy) to go with our new set. Original price- $480. What we paid- $145. I was speechless!!!!
Makes me want to go back to bed right now!

I refuse to put the bedding on our bed until our bedroom furniture arrives. In the meantime, we are attempting to retrain the dogs to not sleep in bed with us anymore. So far it has been somewhat successful. Hopefully it is still successful one we put all of our new stuff in the bedroom. Once everything arrives I will be sure to post lots of pictures!

Did you make any larger purchases after the wedding?

Side note- my photographer called me to let me know that our wedding pictures would be done sometime this week. Once I get all of our pictures back I will be able to start our recaps. Fingers are crossed!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Beautiful furniture! Looking forward to your recaps!

jessica lynn said...

so excited to see your pictures!

Brittney said...

it looks GREAT! how fun! can't wait to see your pictures :)

Jenn said...

Ummm, can I hire you to be my personal shopper? Great deals!! :)

Rachel H. said...

Great deals! I love the bedroom furniture! :)

Jenny.Lee said...

I love love love the furniture!