Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I should just keep my mouth shut sometimes.....

Convo with the hubs while watching Monday Night Football. I swear, I am not a dumb person I just sometimes say very dumb things!

Me: Why the heck are the Bills and Pats in retro uniforms and why are the refs in those gawd awful orange-ish uniforms?!? Seriously, those referee uniforms are not doing any favors for those refs.

Hubs: {intently watching football.....tuning out my rambling}

Me: {I see the anniversary logo on the field} OH!!!!! It's the AFL's anniversary! That makes sense now!

Hubs: {looks at me, rolls his eyes and turns back to the action on TV}

Me: {continuing my convo with apparently myself and the dogs} Wow! So, the AFL has been around for 150 years?!?

Hubs: {snaps out of his trance and looks at me like I am crazy} Ummmm.......that means that they were playing football in 1859. What do you think Laura?!?

Me: Well, they did wear those archaic looking leather helmets and frumpy uniforms. I don't think that sounds completely unreasonable.

Hubs: {shakes his head and laughs out loud} You are so cute!

Today I looked up US events from 1859 (thanks Wikipedia). I immediately felt pretty silly (okay, downright stupid).
  • Oregon is admitted as the 33rd US State
  • Charles Dickens published A Tale of Two Cities
  • Pikes Peak Gold Rush begins in the Colorado territory
  • The chimes of Big Ben ring for the first time in London
  • The Pig War border dispute begins
Do you see why I now feel so silly?!? To my defense, American Football was invented in 1879. I was only 20 years off! The AFL started in 1959......50 years ago, not 150. I really do need to get my eyes checked because I swore the logo on the field said 150!

And this story is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the stupid things I say! I really need to work on thinking things through logically before I open my mouth.


jessica lynn said...

haha. my favorite part was that he completely ignored u for about 10 minutes....just like Chris does to me! :)

Jenn said...

HAHA! Thats awesome! I too made a comment about the throwback jerseys, and he said, "who cares what color their jerseys are? watch the game!"

My Dream Ring said...

LOL...you are too cute!

Brittney said...

I so said the same thing - why are their jersey's orange??

he didn't answer me either - I see a trend :0 ha!

Adrienne said...

That is so funny. I agree with you though, those uniforms were so unattractive haha.