Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pure Randomness, I Tell You!

That seems to be my life's mantra right now......pure randomness. I thought that things would slow down after the wedding but so far I have been wrong. Here are a few updates:

Hubs is now coaching my little niece's co-ed soccer team with my brother. Imagine 13 and 14 year old girls and boys playing as a coed team for the first time......absolutely HYSTERICAL! The girls are so girlie and think that the boys are gross. The boys have no desire to talk to the girls but if they happen to knock a girl over when they are scrimmaging they apologize profusely! It is hilarious to watch and know in the back of your mind that in a couple of years those girls and boys reactions to each other is going to be completely different. I try to be the good lil' wife and tag along even to the practices! Hubby teases me and calls me, "Future soccer mom in training."

Say hello to my new running shoes! Now if only they would do the running for me! I never exercised before the wedding but have now decided that I should start. I am perfectly happy with my current weight but I would like to tone up a little. Plus, I always feel great and energized after a good work out. I have terrible knees and Asics are the only shoes that helped with high impact. I wore nothing but Asics when I played volleyball in high school and I will continue to swear by them. Like the guy at Finish Line said, "If it's not broke, don't try to fix it!"

FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE!!!! YAY!!!! I don't know about any of you but I LOVE football. I look forward to the next football season as soon as the final bowl is played. The hubs and I sat on the couch on Saturday (after shopping for bedroom furniture) and watched Notre Dame's opening game! This coming weekend we are going to the Colt's home opener against the Jaguars (boooo Jaguars.....j/k....sorta) with my parents. I will be watching my other boyfriend, Peyton Manning, lead the Colts (hopefully to a victory). We are very fortunate because my parents are season ticket holders and have been since the Colt's came to Indianapolis in 1984 (I was 1 year old and going to games.....now that is a fan....haha). So come Sunday, look for this beautiful piece of architecture on TV because that is where I will be!

I talked to our photographer, Angela Talley, on the phone today and she said she should be done with all of our pictures in 1 week or maybe even less. YAY!!! I want to wait until I have the pictures to do the recaps so hopefully I will start recaps VERY soon because I have a lot to cover and talk about! :-)

Well, there is some of the randomness going on in our happily married lives! I promise, I will be better about blogging from here on out. Have a wonderful Tuesday!!! 3 more days until the weekend!


Nicole-Lynn said...

I've missed reading your posts! Looking forward to pictures and recaps soon!

My beau is obsessed w/ soccer.. very cute your hubby is coaching!

Jenny.Lee said...

I have really bad knees too and have been looking for new shoes. Asics are now on my list! I am so happy football is here!!!!

Rachel H. said...

Sounds like things are going well...can't wait to see photos from the wedding. I'm sure it was beautiful! And I like the shoes...I'm trying to find a pair that I like!